Zales Credit Card – How to Apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card

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The Zales credit card is a standard store credit card issued by Comenity bank. It is a credit card good for purchases online at or in Zales stores. Zales credit card is also known as Zales diamond credit card. Zales diamond card is most advantageous to people whose aim is that of buying diamonds including other jewelry with special in-house financing offers. With the Zales Diamond card, you can buy jewelry you want presently and also enjoy coupons, exclusive offers, jewelry inspection reminders, and cleaning notifications through email all through the year.

Zales Credit Card - How to Apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card

Also, Zales helps you to keep celebrating those special moments with the card. On the contrary, there is no evidence that the Zales diamond credit card accepts those with bad credit. Though store credit cards are always easier to get than open-loop cards. Instead, you will need to have at least a better fair credit to qualify. So, to get approved for the Zales credit card, you’ll need a credit score of 630. This credit card is really a great credit card if you have fair or better credit.

How Zales Diamond Card Works

Aside from the special financing offers, Zales credit cardholders also enjoy a handful of amazing benefits, as well as free standard shipping for online orders and a $50 off birthday coupon. You’ll get exclusive coupons, and 10% off repair services, which are charged to your Zales credit card. With a credit transaction, loan or financing, you make a purchase with the money you borrowed and that must be paid back often with interest. The Zales outlet card is mostly useful to people who want to score financing at the time they are purchasing jewelry from Zales. Therefore, we can say that this card will be beneficial to the following range of customers;

  • Family shoppers
  • Deal seekers
  • Brand loyalists
  • Trendsetters

You can use the Zales diamond card for all these. Presently, Zales operates in more than 700 sores in the United States, and in early 2017, they began shuttering doors. But while Zales special financing can be handy to customers who make the most of it. The high APR and deferred interest model that comes with this credit card can easily destroy any potential savings. Additionally, Zales credit card does not offer its customers any purchase rewards unlike the vast majority of store credit cards.

It only focuses mainly on special financing. However, the financing deals are true deals under the proper circumstances. For instance, if you need more than 18 months to pay off your purchase, you will not get the 0% APR offer, instead of paying an APR of 9.99% for up to three years. And whenever you use the 12- or 18-month financing options, Zales will charge you a $9.95 transaction fee.

Benefits of Zales Credit Card

The zales diamond card offers great perks and benefits for cardholders. Now let us consider them below;

  • You’ll get 0% deferred APR deals.
  • It offers you a low APR when you pay over 36 months.
  • Beyond the financing, you’ll get $50 off birthday coupon and free standard shipping for online orders.
  • Zales offers you jewelry reminders, exclusive coupons, and 10% off repair services charged to your Zales diamond card.
  • Enjoy 6-month financing comes when you make a minimum purchase of $300.
  • It offers 12-month financing when you make a minimum purchase of $750 with your Zalesdiamond card.
  • Also, there is 18-month financing when you make a minimum purchase of $3,000.
  • As well as 36-month financing when you make a minimum purchase of $1,500.
  • Promotional plans with zero down payments.
  • There is also promotional financing.
  • 25% off every purchase you make on Zales.

How to Apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card

To enjoy all the amazing benefits of the Zales credit card, you need to apply for it. Hence, you can follow the steps below to apply;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Zales credit card website.
  • Scroll down and click on the Apply Now button.
  • Sign in or create an account with Zales.
  • Once you’ve created your account, proceed to the application.
  • Start by entering your personal information which includes your SSN, last name, middle name, middle name, first name, date of birth, annual income, and intended purchase amount [optional].
  • Then enter your contact information such as zip code, street address, suite/Apt, state, city, email address, confirm the email address, mobile phone, alternate phone.
  • Having done that, click on the Continue button to proceed further with your application

With few steps more to go, you will complete your application process.

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