YouTube Handles – What is it and How it Works

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YouTube handles are a new way for people to engage with content creators on YouTube and easily find their accounts. YouTube is home to billions of videos and countless creators. Finding your favorite creator can be pretty hectic, which is why YouTube has eased that stress by introducing a YouTube handle for people to engage with their creators.

YouTube Handles - What is it and How it Works

YouTube is now sending notifications to users through email or the YouTube Studio to inform them about the new YouTube handles. You can choose a new YouTube handle if you don’t have a personalized URL. Your handle will be assigned to you by YouTube.

As a creator, the engagement and views on your YouTube channel are important, and you can use the YouTube handles to attract more views and subscribers to your channel. There are several identical YouTube channel names on the platform, and so there is a bit of confusion and impersonation, but with the creation of these handles, your channel will be more present on YouTube.

What Exactly Are YouTube Handles?

YouTube Handles are a one-of-a-kind way for people to find and engage with content creators on YouTube. This is a great way for people to easily find their favorite YouTube channels. These handles are unique to every creator on YouTube, which makes it easy to distinguish their presence on YouTube.

These unique handles are one of a kind, and no two users can have the same handle. If you have a personalized URL, your YouTube handle will be kept for you. The handle will help reachability for creators.

How Do YouTube Handles Work?

YouTube handles will appear on videos and shorts, and they will be immediately recognizable. The YouTube handles help content creators to get more reachability, and it will be easier to mention the handles in the comment section, video descriptions, and community posts.

YouTube handles join the channel names in other ways to identify a channel. YouTube handles are unique, and it will be easy for the channel to reach new audiences and create its presence on YouTube. If YouTube has a personalized URL, this will be their default handle on YouTube. However, they can also choose to change the handle for their channel once the notification in the YouTube studio comes on.

Furthermore, when a creator chooses a YouTube handle, a matching URL will be created so that people can easily be directed to the creator’s channel when they aren’t on YouTube. If a YouTube channel has a personalized URL, then there is no need to update any links. Instead, they will be directed to a new URL to create a much better presence for the creators.

How to Choose Your YouTube Handles

Your YouTube handle is a very unique name given to your channel to promote reachability for your content and bring in new viewers. This YouTube handle can direct people to your channel even when you are not on YouTube.

If you already received a notification from YouTube, then the next step is to choose your YouTube handle for more reachability for your channel. Follow the guide below to choose a handle for your channel.

  • Once you receive the notice in YouTube Studio or the email, tap on the blue “Choose a Handle” button.
  • You will then be directed to, where you will be shown your icon, message, and name, which entails time to select your handle.
  • If you wish, you can watch a video that explains the concept.
  • But if you already understand how to select the handle, tap on Choose Handle.
  • If you have YouTube videos and you have a personalized URL, then you already have your handle. Or YouTube will automatically choose a handle for you.
  • If the handle sounds ridiculous, you can change it.
  • Scroll down and find the tab Handle.
  • Type the name you want and the system will notify you if the handle name is taken.
  • You can also add numbers and underscores to make it unique.
  • If you are satisfied with your handle, tap on Confirm Selection.

And that is it. The new handles aren’t available at this moment until later this year. After creating your handle, you will be able to see your videos by saying your handle.


Can Every Channel Get a YouTube Handle?

Yes, they can. Every channel on YouTube, whether a viewer or a creator, gets a YouTube handle. YouTube has erased the threshold previously applied and now gives everyone access. The handle will also become the new URL for your YouTube channel, and it will make it easier for people to find your channel.

Will My Old YouTube Links Work?

Yes, they will. The old YouTube links will work. However, your personalized URL will automatically be converted to include your new handle. Creators are advised to update their social media and websites to be able to use the new URL.

Can I Change My Existing Handle?

Yes, you can. You can change your existing YouTube handle as long as another channel isn’t using it. Head over to on your mobile device or computer with the YouTube app. Choose ”Change Handle” located at the center of the page. Enter the handle in the space field created and check if the handle is available. You can also select one of the handles suggested for your channel name.

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