How to Sign Up For A Yahoo Mail Account

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How can I sign up for Yahoo Mail, or how can I create a Yahoo Mail account? In the meantime, Yahoo has proven itself to be one of the best email services in the world. At one time, Yahoo Mail was the most popular email service in the world, and people used it to send emails and communicate free of charge.

How to Sign Up For A Yahoo Mail Account

As of 2020, users of Yahoo Mail were up to 225 million. Besides, Yahoo Mail provides a good amount of storage space compared to other email services. It comes with a storage space of 1TB for all users. Mind you, creating a Yahoo mail account is also the same as creating a Yahoo account.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Mail is owned by an American company known as Yahoo, now a subsidiary of Verizon. It was launched in 1997, and it offers folders for holding messages and a search capability to find messages.

When you sign up for Yahoo Mail, you’ll enjoy what matters most in your world, as you’ll have access to a wide range of Yahoo products. Products such as Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Messenger, and other Yahoo products.

But with the emergence of other email services like Google Mail and the like, Ymail has dropped from the top spot. On the other hand, it remains the best when it comes to Spam blocking.

Indeed, Ymail is really a good email service for spam filtering. Just as we know that receiving unwanted emails might be frustrating. Most unwanted mail is caught by the spam filter, though some may occasionally slip through. When you mark a message as spam, it informs Yahoo that some messages from a certain place are not good.

Why Should I Create a Yahoo Account?

Creating a Yahoo account gives you the benefit of having two mailboxes in one convenient location. You will use the same password and have one combined inbox for both accounts.

Each Yahoo account is limited to one email alias. So, if you want multiple extra accounts, you can create a disposable email address. Hence, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you create a Yahoo account:

  • Creating a Yahoo mail account allows you to stay connected to your email with one-tap access to your inbox, multiple yahoo account support, and instant email alerts from any device.
  • With a Yahoo mail account, you’ll easily enjoy what matters most in your world. National and global news, breaking local, sport, finance, sports, films, music and so on.
  • A yahoo account enables you to send and receive emails, manage contacts and maintain a calendar.
  • All yahoo mail account is fully encrypted and users have 1TB of storage to hold emails and files.
  • If you sign up with yahoo, it gives you access to view your search history. One of the benefits of using Yahoo search over some smaller search engines is Bing. It uses Microsoft’s Bing search technology to perform searches.
  • When you create a Yahoo account you can customize your own yahoo page. Select the topics you’d like your page to display and give it a personalized layout and theme.
  • Also, yahoo indexes the web and makes information from web pages available to web searchers.

Requirements Needed To Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Like I said earlier, a Yahoo account offers you the opportunity to access other Yahoo products. But to sign up for Ymail, you need to have some information with you. This information is what Yahoo uses to keep your account safe and secure.

  • A name – When you share content with other people, your name will always appear with it.
  • An Email address – To create a Yahoo account, you need to create a Yahoo address. Better still, you can use an email address from any other email service provider.
  • A password – When you sign up for Ymail, you need to create a strong and unique password so as to protect your account.
  • An active mobile number – You need an active phone number for verification of your Yahoo account.
  • Lastly, you have to provide your birth details – Your date of birth is also important for setting up a Yahoo Mail account. If you are not up to thirteen years of age, you cannot create an account.

So, you have to provide all this information before you can create a Yahoo Mail account. When you have met all the requirements, you can proceed to create a Yahoo Mail account.

How to Sign Up For Yahoo Mail

The Yahoo Mail sign-up process is quite similar to that of other email service providers. Thus, for you to enjoy all Yahoo features, you need to sign up for or create a Yahoo mail account. This means every individual has to complete the Yahoo registration process in order to enjoy their services. In this section of our article, we’ll be showing you how to create a free Yahoo Mail account.

  • Launch a web browser on your mobile device and visit the Ymail sign up page.
  • Once the page loads, you will see the sign-up page there.
  • Then start creating your account by entering your first name and last name.
  • Enter an email address which ends which If you have any other email address that is different from Yahoo’s own, you can use it.
  • Then set up a strong password for yourself.
  • Select your country dialing code and enter your phone number.
  • Also, enter your date of birth.
  • Choose a gender but it’s optional.
  • After you’ve made these entries, click on the blue ‘Continue’ link below.
  • Then verify your phone number by clicking the link that says ‘Text me a verification code’.

Then a verification code will be sent to the number you used in registering. Enter the verification code on the field provided and verify it. If you enter the correct code, your Yahoo mail account will be successfully created. From there, you can sign in to your Yahoo mail account.

How to Create a Yahoo Account With An Existing Email

  • Visit on your device’s browser.
  • At the footer of the sign-up page displayed, click ‘’My Email’’.
  • Now enter your full name in the first field.
  • Enter your existing email address in the second field and your birth year in the third field.
  • Then click ‘’Next’’.
  • Yahoo will send a verification code to the email address.
  • Check your inbox for the code and enter it in the verification code field.
  • Having done that, click ‘’Continue’’.
  • Now, you’ll be presented with two options: create a new password for the account or continue without a password.
  • If you choose to continue without a password, you will have to verify your login via the email address anytime you want to access your Yahoo Mail account.
  • But to prevent the hassle of verification, it’s advisable to set up a password. So, click ‘’Create a new password’’.
  • Enter the password in the field provided and click ‘’Continue’’.

Voila! Your Yahoo account has just been created. Mind you, if you use an email address other than Gmail, Outlook, or AOL, you won’t be able to use Yahoo Mail, as Yahoo only supports these email service providers at the moment.

How to Sign Up for Yahoo Mail With A Google Account

  • Visit the Yahoo Mail sign-up page.
  • Click the Google icon at the footer of the page.
  • Select the Google account you want to use if you have more than one Google account signed in to your web browser.
  • Yahoo will use your Google account name to generate your full name.
  • Enter your birth year and click ‘’Continue.
  • This next page will display a welcome message from Yahoo telling you that you’re the brand owner of a brand-new account.
  • Then click ‘’Done’’.

To that end, you will be taken to the Yahoo homepage. Now you have a Yahoo account. But to use Yahoo mail with your Google account, click on Mail on the Yahoo homepage, click on ‘’Sign in with Google’’ and click ‘’Allow’’.

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