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Do you need App that enables you to transfer files between phones or between phones and pc? Why not try Xender and experience the fastest all-in-one transfer and sharing App. Almost all mobile users, if not all have the Xender app installed on their devices. This is because of the amazing user and friendly interface of the App and not to forget its awesome features. The app was built with simplicity and Speed in mind. It is one of the most used file-sharing applications on the internet that enables you to send and receive different media files.

Xender App - Download For Android And iOS |  Xender

According to research, over 500 million users use Xender to transfer files and apps at a very fast and high speed. The App is extremely fast and is absolutely free to download into your device. You can download the Xender App into your android or iOS device from the Google Play and App Store.  It can also be downloaded from different Apk stores online like APKPure and the rest. You can connect two or more smartphones to share photos, applications, videos, media, documents, and other files with the App. Read through this article to discover the features of the Xender App.

Features of Xender App

Xender App is undoubtedly one of the best and most used file and apps sharing App on the internet. And this is due to all its amazing and unique features. Xender App stands out among other sharing Apps like Shareit, FileTransfer, Feem, etc. it works fine if you desire to share any file between different devices.  Below are the features of the Xender App;

  • Fast transfer of Files
  • Supports all file format
  • Requires no internet connection
  • You can convert videos to Mp3
  • Ability to share files without restrictions
  • You can send large files without limitation
  • It serves as a social media Downloader
  • The App supports group file sharing
  • It supports cross platform file transfer and sharing

Other features of the Xender App include it serves as a file manager; you can view, delete or move files you receive and even get to make a backup copy. Language is not even a barrier as the App supports over 30 languages. You will find the App really helpful plus the App is 100 % free to use and download.

Xender App Download

Downloading the Xender App into your android or iOS devices is quite easy to go about. And like I earlier mentioned, the app is completely free to download and you won’t be charged a dime.  You can download the APK File of the Xender App from the online app store or from the App store on your device.  However, we will be showing you steps and guidelines on how to download the App from the Google play store and Apple store. Follow the steps below to download the App on your mobile devices;

For Android Users

  • Tap to open your Google play store
  • Using the search bar, search for the Xender App
  • Once found, tap on the App from the option
  • Click on the install icon
  • Launch and open the App

For iPhone Users

  • Open your Apple Play store
  • Tap on the search engine and search for the Xender App
  • You will be provided with a list of your search
  • Tap on the App from the options
  • Click on the Get icon
  • Launch and open the App

Now you can start transferring and sharing files of all kinds among your friends and family using the Xender app on your device.

Can I Use The Xender App on my PC?

Yes, you can definitely use the Xender App on your PC. With the Xender web feature, you can effortlessly transfer files or content from your mobile device directly to your pc or computer. Xender Web doesn’t require you to install the app on your pc but you will be able to transfer files between your pc and mobile device through the Xender web. However, as of writing this article, the Xender web feature has been closed.

Can I Download The Older Version of Xender App?

Many online users want to know if they can download the older version of Xender into their devices. Well, this is entirely possible. You can download Xender 2020,2019,2016 or 2018 versions into your device. However, you won’t be able to download the older ones from Google Play or App Store. This is because you will only be provided with the latest and current edition of the App. You can however download the older version of the app from different online Apk stores. So, to download the older version of the App, visit any APK Store online and search for the version of the App you want to download.

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