Workplace by Facebook Log in – Workplace Sign in

Do you know how to login into your workplace account on Facebook? Most people have created their workplace account fail to access their account. Probably due to the Facebook that either they don’t know how to login the workplace by Facebook or something else. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to login on the desktop and also how you can stay connected on the mobile phone. On the contrary, the workplace by Facebook log in is the right steps to access your account.

Workplace by Facebook Log in - Workplace Sign in

Workplace by Facebook which is mostly known by eligible account users offers tools to build a group cloud with you and your coworker to communicate, collaborate and connect with each other across the desktop and mobile. This makes the workplace by Facebook log in process very important to all user due to the fact that when you log in your account it allows you make use of familiar features including groups, chats, and videos calls, must of all it secures your account to view activities while you were offline.

Workplace by Facebook log in- How to Access your Workplace Account on the Desktop

However, if you create a standard or premium workplace account, you can use the same process to log in your account. All you need to perform the process is your business email address and your account password, last your internet connected devices. Afterward, to log into your workplace account:

  • Go to the Workplace URL
  • Locate the Login button on the screen at the top left side.
  • Enter your work email or Workplace username
  • Then click Continue
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Log In

Note that you can also log in with your business G Suite account by providing your account detail on the login portal. With that, you can access unlimited tool for you and your team to work with wherever and whenever from the desktop.

Mobile Phone Platform Log in

If you want 24/7 convenient access into your account at any time, anywhere, there you need the Workplace by the Facebook app. However, the workplace is actually available on iOS devices and Android devices to give you access to enjoy the benefits of the workplace. 

In case you don’t have the workplace by Facebook app go to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store on your respective devices to install the app. After installing, you can then launch the app on your devices and use the above started to log in your workplace account.

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