WhatsApp Web Scanner – How to Scan WhatsApp QR Code

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The WhatsApp Web Scanner allows computer users to access WhatsApp on their Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system. WhatsApp web was introduced on January 21, 2015. It allows the WhatsApp application to run smoothly on Microsoft Windows or Mac pc through a web browser. The WhatsApp Web is just an extension of your original WhatsApp account on your smartphone. To access WhatsApp on your Microsoft Windows or Mac pc, visit web.whatsapp.com on your web browser. The WhatsApp web scanner allows you to scan WhatsApp QR Code from your phone WhatsApp application. So, you can be granted access to WhatsApp on your web browser.

WhatsApp Web Scanner - How to Scan WhatsApp QR Code

The main aim of the Whatsapp web scanner is to scan QR codes in other to connect to Whatsapp web on your web browser. The WhatsApp Web scanner helps to link your mobile device to your computers. WhatsApp QR Code Scanner works over an internet connection. Your phone has to be connected to the internet to use it.

Advantages of the WhatsApp Web Scanner

In addition, the WhatsApp Web Scanner opens us to better advantages in using your WhatsApp Web to open your WhatsApp account on your Microsoft Windows or Mac operating system.

  • It helps to open whatsApp on your Microsoft windows or Mac pc.
  • Your chats remains end to end encrypted even whatsApp cannot read your messages.
  • It allows whatsApp users scan their QR code with their phones to connect with their whatsApp web.
  • It does not require the usage of mobile phone number.
  • Typing is easier and faster with the use of a bigger keyboard.
  • It allows you view chat on a larger screen.

How WhatsApp Web Scanner Works

WhatsApp web scanner is easy to use once the procedures are well taken. Hence, you can follow the steps below to use your WhatsApp QR Code;

  • Go to your computer web browser
  • Search for web.whatsapp.com

On Your Mobile Device

  • Open  your whatsApp mobile application on your mobile phone
  • Go to settings
  • A QR scan code icon will be displayed beside your name on your profile.
  • Tap on scan code
  • Next you select linked device
  • You provide your phone log in pin and you go ahead to scan the QR code on your comuter screen.

WhatsApp web scanner can also be used to add a new contact to your WhatsApp contact list. Even if you don’t have the person’s mobile number.

How to Add Contacts Using WhatsApp Web Scanner

  • Open whatsApp on your mobile phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on the QR scan code beside your name on your profile.
  • Tap on scan to scan the QR code of the contact you want to save.
  • Select add contacts.
  • Put in the name of the contact and select save.

Do not disclose your QR code to whoever you do not trust for security reasons. You can only disclose your QR codes to trusted people.

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