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This is one of the oldest platforms for downloading any type of media file such as Mp3 music, Video, Games, and Movies. However, Wapdam is a free website that contains free different mobile and PC applications ranging from different categories. Also, Wapdam is one of the safest and most secure websites for media files downloader.

The platform gives an efficient means for downloading all you need is just to log on to the website and you are ready to download any type of media file. Wapdam is a platform that is full of lots of raw files that are all free-ranging from Mp3 music, videos, mobile, and PC games, and themes for PC.

However, every media file available on the platform can function on any Android, java, iOS, blackberry phone, and PC. Also, Wapdam makes sure its user gets the best quality on every media file they choose to download from the platform.

Categories Available for Download

Every category on this platform is free to download and also you will enjoy great features from each category. However, the platform has been merged with Waptrick which means the Wapdam URL is changed to that of Waptrick. But they still contain the same media files and benefits.

Also, some users still think the platform is meant for a lower version device which is wrong. The platform gives the best quality of media files both for PC and high-grade mobile phones. Here are a few categories available on this platform for download;

  • New Updates for the day on every media file.
  • Dropant Play online.
  • Videos.
  • Photos & Pictures.
  • Themes.
  • Live Wallpaper.
  • Animations.
  • Games.
  • Applications.
  • TV series.
  • Song lyrics.
  • Horoscope.

How to Download Wapdam Videos

There are different categories of videos available for download on the platform. However, you can download your favorite music videos, movie thrillers, funny, and sports videos. Also, every video on the platform is Full HD which is High quality for free on charge. Every video on this platform comes in MP4 and 3gp formats. Here are a few steps on how to download videos on Wapdam;

  • Launch any web browser on either mobile phones or PC
  • Go to www.waprtcik.one the new Wapdam URL
  • At the homepage scroll down to videos and click on it to wait for the next page.
  • The next page will be a subcategory of videos you could download different videos 
  • After clicking on your choice of videos scroll down to the download icon and click on it.
  • Immediately you click on the download icon, your video download automatically starts.

Wapdam is known worldwide for every media file lover, the official language of the platform is English but for other users that don’t speak English. However, having the opportunity to change the language, the platform has been helping millions of users worldwide because of its free download factor.

How To Download Wapdam Themes

There are various themes design that is available on the Wapdam website. These themes are specially designed for the purpose of beautification. In other ways, it is an idea of fun that helps with furnishing up your phone or PC’s theme. With Wapdam, you get access to various themes that change the appearance of your device and make things lively. What’s more, all these Android themes are free to download. Some of the best themes to download on Wapdam are:

  • Love themes
  • Zodiac themes
  • Sports
  • Outer space
  • Animal themes
  • Celebrities’ themes
  • Money themes
  • And many more

All these themes can be downloaded for free and you can use it to change the physical appearance of your mobile device. However, you can rest assured that downloading themes from Wapdam doesn’t alter the system and functionality of your mobile. It only enhances the physical beauty of your mobile device.

How To Download Photos and Pictures

If you are interested in getting the best photos for your mobile device or PC, Wapdam sure has a lot for you in spades. Getting a lot of cool HD wallpaper pictures is now so much easier with Wapdam. All the photos available there are free to download without incurring any extra cost. Here’s how to download pictures and photos on Wapdam:

  • Open the web browser on your device
  • Visit the Wapdam website at Wapdam.com
  • Next, you will select the category of photos that you wish to download
  • Next, you will select the category of photos that you want to download
  • Once you find the photo that you are interested in, simply click on it
  • You will then select the format you want the photo to be downloaded in

Finally, you only have to wait for a few seconds for the download to be complete as it doesn’t take time.

Once completed, you can start using it right away.

How To Download Wapdam Song Lyrics

This section is practically more exciting to all music lovers who are interested in singing along to their favorites. If you are looking for where to get free lyrics, Wapdam is literally the best choice. All lyrics are accessible to all interested members. Here’s how to download song lyrics on Wapdam:

  • Open the web browser of your choice
  • Enter the URL wapdam.com in the search bar of your open browser
  • Once the page opens, you can look for the lyrics of the song of the artist you are interested in.
  • Another easy way to do so is by using the alphabetical order to find the lyrics of your choice.

Once done, the lyrics will appear and you can begin the downloading process of the song lyrics, for free.

How To Download Wapdam Games

Are you a game fanatic who is always heavily excited to get started on the next big game? Well, here’s even more exciting news; you can get free games on Wapdam. Wapdam is home to several games that attract the attention of game lovers. If you are one of them this is the golden opportunity you seek. To download games on Wapdam, here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to your web browser and follow the link Wapdam.com
  • Once the web page loads, you can begin scrolling through the category of games you want
  • What’s more, you can simply narrow the game down so that browsing the games can be easier for you
  • Once you have the game you want, click on it
  • You will be directed to the download page
  • On the download page, simply click the download link

Once that is done, you only have to wait a few seconds for the game to complete the download process. Once downloaded, it can be installed automatically.

How To Download Wapdam Applications

Are you in search of great and new apps that you can install on your mobile? Wapdam has a wide variety of Android applications that you can download for free. In addition to this, Wapdam is also a secure site where downloading these applications are possible. Here’s how to download applications on Wapdam:

  • Open any web browser of your choice and follow the link wapdam.com
  • Simply browse through the category of applications you see available on the web page
  • Select the category of apps that you are interested in.
  • Once you have sorted out the applications, start browsing through the ones available
  • If you have found the one you want, simply click on it
  • Next, you will click on the download link on the next page to commence the downloading process.

Finally, you have to select a location for the app to be downloaded and it’s done. Once completed, you can now install the application on your device.

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