Vimeo – Edit, Create, Host, And Watch Videos | Vimeo Pricing

You probably might have heard of Vimeo from a Friend, family member, or while surfing the internet. But you don’t exactly know what the platform is all about and what it offers. Reading this write-up can provide you with an insight into the Vimeo platform and why you should consider using the platform. Vimeo stands out to be an American video-sharing, hosting, and service platform. It provides its users with features like live streaming, access to extensive videos from top content creators, and a lot of entertaining content. Just like TikTok, YouTube, and a lot more, this platform also allows you to share your videos with friends and family from across the world.

Vimeo - Edit, Create, Host, And Watch Videos | Vimeo Pricing

Furthermore, Vimeo opens your world to various entertaining and mind-blowing videos that can brighten up your day and even relieve you from stress after a hectic day at work. These videos can be streamed in top and HD quality ranging from 1080P, HD, and more. Aside from viewing other people’s videos on Vimeo, you can equally upload, manage and share your videos. You can use Vimeo for both personal and professional uses as the platform provides you with all the necessary tools. Access top editing tools, broadcasting tools, create high-quality videos, connect with clients and reach your audiences across the world.

How Does Vimeo Work?

You’ve learned so far that, Vimeo is an American video-sharing, creating, and service platform that enables its users to create high-quality videos as well as watch top videos from other content creators. The Application is similar to YouTube due to the fact that you can upload, create, save and comment on videos.  Millions of people from across the world use the platform for both personal and professional uses.  However, YouTube is free to use but Vimeo requires its users to sign up for a premium Account to access more features.

Although they offer a basic free trial feature, you need to sign up for a premium account to enjoy more features. But the cool thing is that the platform doesn’t use ads; in other words, you get to stream your favorite videos without distraction or interruption from commercials. Now once you sign up for a basic account with the service, you get access to 500MB per week of upload space and a total storage account of 5GB. You also get to download and convert videos to your various files such as Mp3 or MP4 format. You can stay forever free in as much as you follow the guidelines of the Vimeo community. Besides, you can use the platform to meet and connect with your audience from across the world and it is quite easy to make use of.

Vimeo Pricing

As stated earlier, Vimeo offers you both a basic free account and a premium experience. The Basic service provides users with limited access to the platform but signing up for a premium plan opens you to more features. For instance, you get access to download converted video files, access your privacy control, and create 1 channel, 1 group, and 3 showcases as a basic user. But this is not so with the paid service as you get access to much more features. Basically, Vimeo offers four basic premium plans which come with various pricing and features.

The first plan is called the Plus plan which costs $7 per month and comes with 5GB per week. You can start this plan with a free trial and the feature that comes with it includes; Video creation, Privacy control, unlimited screen, webcam recording as well as Player customization. The next plan is the PRO and it cost $20 per month and comes with 20GB per week, you can also start up a free trial with this plan. You get to enjoy all the features in the plus plan as well as features like review and approval, private team projects, and customizable showcase sites. After the PRO plan comes the Premium plan which costs $75 per month and total storage of 7TB.

This plan provides you access to all the features in the Pro Plan and other features like unlimited live events and webinars, live audience chat, browser-based production tools, and more. You can also start this plan for free. The last plan is the enterprise plan and can be purchased by contacting the platform directly but you get access to various amazing features and services. It is worthy to note that; each free trial lasts for 30 days.

How to Sign Up for a Free Account on Vimeo

You can create an account with Vimeo using your email address or Google Account.  Creating this type of account is free and you won’t be required to pay a dime. You can follow the steps and guidelines below to create an account with the service.

Sign Up with an Email Address

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Vimeo
  • Locate the sign-Up button for free basic account
  • Enter your First and last name
  • Input your active email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Then, tap on JOIN WITH EMAIL and Follow the Prompt

Sign Up with Google

  • On the Vimeo the sign up page
  • Tap to Join with Google Account
  • Select a Google account you will like to sign Up with
  • Follow the on-screen instruction

After successfully creating your account using either your Google or Email address, you can start using its services for free. Note that; you can also make use of the Vimeo app for android and iOS users to create or sign up for an account. The app is free to download and can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

How to Log in to Your Vimeo Account

If you already have an account with, you can login or sign in to your account to access its features. However, your login details will be needed to successfully access your account. To log in to your Vimeo account, you can follow the step-by-step guidelines below;

Sign In With an Email Address

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Vimeo
  • Locate the sign-up button and tap on it
  • Navigate down the page and click on the LOG IN button
  • This takes you to another page
  • Enter the email address associated with your account
  • Also, enter your password
  • Then, click on Login with email

Login With Google

  • On the Vimeo Sign in page’
  • Scroll down and click on Login with Google
  • Select the Google Account associated with your Vimeo Account
  • Follow the on-screen instruction

Aside from signing in to using your Email and Google account. You can also sign in using your Apple ID and Facebook account. However, this is only possible for users who have linked their Apple ID or Facebook account to their Vimeo account. If you have done this, you can tap on either Login with Apple or Facebook and follow the on-screen instruction.

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