USDA Eligibility – Evaluate Your Likelihood For USDA Loans | USDA Loan Eligibility

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What is the USDA Loan Eligibility Requirement and how do I apply for its loan as an eligible Candidate? In the meantime, USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture and is the easiest way of owning a home. It has been designed to make owning a home more affordable for people living in rural or suburban areas and with household incomes within the USDA Limit. In addition, USDA Loans are zero down payment Mortgages for mainly rural homebuyers. The service comes with several amazing benefits. To be eligible for USDA Loans, an applicant must meet the necessary Eligibility Requirements set by USDA. Its Eligibility Requirement covers Credit, Income, Property usage, and Home Location.

USDA Eligibility - Evaluate Your Likelihood For USDA Loans | USDA Loan Eligibility

In other words, aside from meeting the USDA Minimum Eligibility Requirement, you must also meet its Credit Requirement, Income Requirement, USDA Loan Location Requirement, and more. To learn about each of the USDA Eligibility Requirements. You can read through this article, to discover its entire requirement. Meanwhile, once a Homebuyer finds the perfect home, you need to find the best loan option to meet your needs. With USDA Loan for Rural Homebuyers, you can get loans with no down Payment Option. You can apply for a Single-Family Housing Guaranteed, Single Family Housing Direct Loan, Multi-Family Housing Loan, and more.

What is USDA Minimum Eligibility Requirement

To qualify for USDA Loans, there are certain qualifications you need to meet to be qualified for the program. Below are the Minimum USDA qualification requirements;

  • U.S Citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident for Non-USA Citizen or qualified alien
  • Stable and Dependable income
  • You must have a credit score of at least 640 
  • Willingness to pay the mortgage
  • Adjusted Household income is equal to or less than 115% of the area median income
  • The property serves as the primary residence and is located in a qualified rural area

With the above-listed Minimum qualification, you are ready to apply for your own USDA Loan and become a homeowner.

USDA Loan Credit Eligibility

As you know, before you can apply for any loan in any financial institution, you must have a good or excellent credit score. USDA is not an exception, for you to apply for its loan; you must have a good credit score. This is because your credit history will be checked before your loan will be approved. For you to be eligible for USDA Loan, you must have at least a credit score of 650 and above. However, applicants with a credit score below 640 may still be eligible but will be subjected to manual underwriting compare to a person with a higher Credit score who will be subject to an automated underwriting system.

USDA Loan Income Requirement

There are four main income calculations that USDA uses to check if an applicant is eligible for a particular loan. It includes; Annual Household Income, Adjusted Annual Household Income, USDA Qualifying Income, and Repayment Income. A borrower must have a stable income that is verifiable as lenders verify income by requesting two years of your income tax returns and more. You can check out how the official website on how the income requirement is calculated.

USDA Property Eligibility Requirement

USDA Loan is to provide borrowers with safe and sanitary residences for low to moderate-income households. Through its loan, you can purchase your own home or refinance your home. To meet your goal, you need to meet the USDA basic Property requirement which has been designed to protect homebuyers and lenders. These requirements include; the home must be used as the homebuyers Primary Residence, the site must have direct access to the road, street, and driveway. Also, the property must have adequate utilities and water as well as wastewater disposal.

How to Apply For USDA Program

In order to apply for the USDA Loan Program, you must meet the basic requirement of the service. The application process is quite easy to go about once you have the necessary requirement. U.S Department of Agriculture has two main loan program which includes; the Section 502 Guaranteed Loans and the Section 502 Direct Loan. To apply for its loan, you will need to visit its website at and then meet its eligibility, agree to its terms and condition and you must be a U.S Citizen or have a Non-Citizen Permanent Residence.

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