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Do you want to open a US Bank Account and you don’t know how to go about it? In this contemporary time owning a bank account is one of the sure ways to save, receive and secure your money. A US Bank account is a personal account owned by an individual in the U.S. Bank. There are different Bank Account options you can select from when you choose to open an account with the U.S bank. In this article I will enlighten you on the types of account options you can open with the US Bank and the basic requirements you need to open a US Bank account.

US Bank Account - Open US Bank Account Online

Furthermore, with a US Bank account, you can perform many cash transactions easily and without any hassle. A local bank account will help you pay bills and carry out online transactions flawlessly. A US Bank Account will allow you to deposit cash and also withdraw cash when needed. A bank account also saves you the stress of keeping a huge amount of money in your house. The basic requirement for a US Bank Account is already at your disposal. You can choose to open a US Bank Account online or a U.S. Bank in person at any Bank branch.

Types of U.S. Bank Account

There are two types of accounts you can choose from when you want to open a US Bank Account. it is advisable you apply for the account that best suits you.

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Account

Types of Checking Accounts

Easy Checking: This type of account is suitable for customers that will like to apply for a US Bank Account for just regular banking needs like depositing cash, withdrawing cash, and online and mobile banking. Customers with easy checking account enjoy benefits of U.S. Bank Visa, Debit Card mobile, and online banking

Gold Checking Package: This type of account is best for loan customers or credit card customers.it is available for loan customers that are looking for extra benefits.

Platinum Checking Package: This account type is suitable for individuals who have an investment, mortgage or loan customer who wants higher tier perks.

Types of Savings Accounts

Standard Savings Accounts: This type of account is suitable for individuals and students who want to keep a low balance. The monthly service fee is usually low and can be waived

Money Market Accounts: This type of account is based on the paid interest on the current rates in the money markets. it usually yield a greater annual percentage than the regular savings account. Customers of this type of account always keep a high balance and also write check.

Basic Requirement to Open a US Bank Account

To open a US Bank Account you must be 18 years or older and also a legal U.S. resident. Below are the requirements to open a U.S Bank Account.

  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification number
  • Current home address
  • Working email address
  • A valid driver’s license, passport or state ID
  • Initial opening deposit of $25 to activate your account once it is approved

How to Open a US Bank Account Online

You can open a US Bank account online or in person at any US Bank Branch. Once you have hold of the basic requirements, you can go ahead to open an Account. Below are the processes to open a US Bank Account.

  • Visit the usbank.com on your browser
  • At the dashboard click on the type of account you will like to apply for.
  • Click on apply
  • Next enter your personal details
  • Enter your SSN or Tax ID

Finally, click on continue. Then you will be asked to fund your account once it is approved with a minimum deposit of $25 either with cash or via a debit card. Now you can carry out cash transactions like depositing cash or withdrawal. You may choose to bank online or carry out mobile banking or bank in person.