Twitter Spaces – What It is And How To Use It

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Twitter Spaces is a new way for Twitter users to build a relationship with their followers. They can host a Space and interact with other users. This feature makes it easier for people to share their opinions about certain discussions in an unlimited space.

Twitter Spaces - What It is And How To Use It

However, you need to have at least 600 followers before you can host a space. This feature is only available for the Twitter app. However, the web browser only enables the users to participate as “listeners.” Twitter Space has also helped lots of businesses reach their target audience.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Spaces is a new feature on the microblogging platform, Twitter. It enables users to have live audio conversations on Twitter. Users can host these conversations in an audio chat room known as a “Space” and invite other Twitter users to join. If someone you follow is hosting Space, a purple bubble will appear at the top of your timeline for the duration of the conversation.

If you have more than 600 followers on Twitter, you can host a space. And if you are looking to broaden your offerings, it is about time that you grow your Twitter followers to use this feature. Space is available for both businesses and individuals, allowing them to develop more personal connections with their audience.

Twitter Spaces is open to the public, which means that anyone can participate as a listener. Only up to 13 people are allowed to speak in a Twitter space, which includes the host and two co-hosts.

Why Use Twitter Spaces?

With Twitter Spaces, you can join a live conversation. Users can speak their mind on this platform through the use of this new feature. They can also receive responses in reality from other speakers in the Twitter Spaces. This new feature brings conversation to life and motivates people to have more open discussions. This feature also helps people create stronger connections with their audiences.

How to Start Twitter Spaces

Twitter users can start Spaces from their iOS or Android app. There is no option to start Spaces from the web version; however, you can still join as a listener. As a host, there are two ways to start a Twitter Spaces:

  • Tap and hold the “Compose” button, then choose the icon for new spaces. This will look like multiple choices in the shape of a diamond.
  • From your Twitter timeline, click on your profile image at the top, then scroll right and click on the option to start a new space.

Name Your Space

Give your space a title that is important to the upcoming conversation. You can even create a hashtag as the name of the space as a means to keep the conversation going. You can also gather followers’ questions by using the hashtag prior to the event and answer the questions live during the Space.

Set Up Permissions and Captions

Twitter will ask for your consent to having their speech captioned in reality if you are new to Spaces. To make the spaces more accessible, there are transactions for users who have a hard time hearing. In the future, Twitter plans to make Spaces accessible for screen readers.

Invite Speakers

After creating space as a host, there are a few ways that you can get people to participate in the conversation, whether as a speaker or a listener. In the lower right corner of the page, you will see multiple options, one of which is to “get more people to join”. Click on this button and choose if you want to:

  • Invite speakers through DM.
  • Share your space through tweets so your followers can join.
  • Copy the link to your Spaces to share it somewhere else.

Furthermore, Twitter enables the host to add up to 12 more speakers in Spaces: two co-hosts and 10 speakers. Anyone can send a request to speak in your Twitter space; the host also has the option to add restrictions on who can speak.

If you want to add a co-host to your space, you can tap on the manage speakers’ icon and then choose “invite a co-host to start finding the accounts of people that you want to add. Then click “Send a co-host invitation.

As a host, you can:

  • Allow only the people you invite to speak.
  • Allow everyone the option to speak. This means that anyone can send a request to speak.

The host and co-host also have the option to perform the following:

  • Manage Your Speakers: The host can mute them, remove them from the space, or block them entirely. This is an amazing feature to use in case someone is being offensive.
  • Pin tweets to the space. This is a very useful feature to highlight the subject of your topic.
  • Turn on captions while speaking: This will make your space more accessible for listeners who have a hard time hearing.

Listeners can do the following:

  • Check out any pinned Tweets.
  • React to what they hear with emoji.
  • Request to speak
  • Follow along with the captions.
  • Block other users.
  • Tweet or send a private message to other users.

Scheduling Your Space

If you want to start your space at a later time, you can do that up to 14 days in advance. Follow the steps below to schedule a space:

  • Launch the Spaces by tapping the compose button.
  • Tap “Schedule” for later.
  • Choose the time and date when you want your Space to go live.

If you have set a Space in advance, you are allowed to make other impromptu spaces. To make changes to your Spaces, tap the Edit button to change the details such as the Spaces name or scheduled launch date.

Ending a Twitter Space

Hosts can end a space when they want to. To end a Space, click on the Leave button on the upper right corner of your Space. This will end the waiting period for everyone. After terminating the Space, users will not be able to access it. Twitter also keeps copies of Spaces for 30 days, and hosts can download a copy of it.

How to Join Twitter Spaces

It is quite easy to join a Twitter Space; all you need to do is click the purple circle found at the top of your timeline. However, you can only join a space when it is live.

Finding a Twitter Space

You can only start a Twitter Space through the mobile app. However, listeners can find and listen to Spaces when they are using a desktop.

  • Launch Twitter by using your browser, and then login to your account.
  • Use the search bar and enter “Filter: spaces.”
  • Search for tweets in the spaces you want to participate in.
  • Tap “Start Listening.” You will then be directed to another menu where you need to click “Join this space” to become a listener.

If you are joining Space as a listener, you won’t be able to speak. If you have an opinion you want to share, you need to send a request to the Space host.

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