Traffic Racer Game – Download Traffic Racer On Android And iOS

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Traffic Racer Game is a racing game designed to enable you to drive through highway traffic, avoiding all the vehicles while driving in the opposite direction until you crash in your unavoidable destined fatal crash. It is created and designed by the website developer, Soner Kana. Traffic Racer is a game free to be played in the Cave Runner style. It is an endless runner, like a hundred other mobile games. But this time with the content and setting of busy roads and fast-moving traffic.

Traffic Racer Game - Download Traffic Racer On Android And iOS

It’s your task as the player to keep forging ahead for as long as you can while earning coins, scoring points for near misses. Upgrading your car, buying a new car, and dodging obstacles that come flying at you left and right. Interestingly, each car you get comes with its own unique set of awesome parts that are upgradeable. Giving you the player a constant variable task to work towards.

Featurs Of Traffic Racer Game

The Traffic Racer game is an interesting game that has come with its own unique design and settings designed to capture the attention of the players and increase the interest span of the player keeping them enthralled. Below are some of the features of the Traffic Racer game:

  • Stunning  3D graphics
  • Over 15 different models for traffic
  • Over 40 different cars to select from
  • Rich language support
  • Awesome smooth and realistic car handling
  • 5 different detailed environments namely: Suburb, rainy, snowy, desert and city night
  • 5 game mode to choose from namely: Two-Way, Endless, Time Trail, Police Chase and Free Ride
  • Primary customization  through the wheels and paint
  • Over different models for traffic
  • iOS 7 MFi controller support

IS Traffic Racer Game Free To Download?

Yes, the Traffic racer 3D game is absolutely available to download for free. Fans of high speed and car racing can now explore the world of the Traffic Racer Game 3D without any charge fee. You simply make your way to Google Play to download it

Can Traffic Racer Be Played Online?

Unfortunately, the Traffic Racer game cannot be played online. It is an offline game that can only be played on mobile devices. Therefore, you should visit Google Play or App Store to download it.

Should I Download Traffic Racer?

Fans who get high on the adrenaline of a chase loves high speed and the world of car racing can get the Traffic Racer as it’s an easy and free game so there’s really no reason for you not to. If you are a big fan of the Auto Racing genre, you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of a car racing through the Traffic Racer.

Tips On How To Play Traffic Racer Game

There are simple rules and game settings to follow in order to keep going in the exciting world of the 3D Traffic Racer and below are some tips to follow when playing the game:

  • When driving over 100kmh,you can overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  • Driving in the opposite direction in Two-Way mode gives extra score and cash
  • The faster you drive, the higher your score
  • Tilt or Touch to steer
  • Touch brake button to slow down speed
  • Touch gas button to accelerate

Despite owning all the amazing features it has to keep its players enthralled, The Traffic Racer game will be updated soon to a better upgrade and to increase the attention span of their players. You can follow them on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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