Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria – Online stores are rapidly taking over the marketplace in Nigeria, as many people prefer to shop for items from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered. These online stores have a variety of items from all categories on their platform and they offer a flexible payment method.

On these online stores, you can also shop for daily farm produce and even groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep. They are available 24/7 which means that you can shop anytime and anywhere all from your mobile device. In addition, they also offer discount prices on your favorite item.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

 With the advent of online stores, the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is booming and they are several online stores where you can shop for anything from various categories all from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep. Here are some online stores in Nigeria:


Deluxe is one of the most affordable online shopping websites in Nigeria where they sell a wide range of items from home/office appliances to electronics, cameras, and many more. The shopping site also has physical stores where you can shop for items. If you aren’t a tech person, then you can get help by reaching out to them for assistance.

Furthermore, Deluxe also has a page for promotions where you can get discounts on several items and save money.  They have well-known brands such as Luminous, Thermocool, Nexus, and so on. Deluxe is your one-stop store for electronics.


AliExpress is one the largest online store in the world. Originally created for people in China, this platform has surprised millions of shoppers worldwide. This shopping site provides a wide range of products from clothing, home appliance, computers, mobile phones, shoes, books, personal care, health, and others. AliExpress is among the e-commerce site in the whole world that provides affordable products.

AliExpress is designed to make sure that the customers are satisfied. On this platform, people can sell their items to several buyers from around the world. It is very safe to buy from AliExpress because the buyers are protected irrespective of what they buy on the website.


Kara is one of the most popular and largest online e-commerce sites in the country. This website is one of the cheapest sites where you can shop for a wide range of items from laptops, watches, generators, and others for an affordable price. Kara is packed with lots of amazing merchandise for a discounted price. It also offers products to different countries.

Kara offers flexible payment methods such as bank transfer, debit card or credit card, and cash transfer.  It also offers a Buy Now and Pays Later option for items on its website. If you are interested in this, you can reach out to them and apply.


Supermart is one of the best grocery stores in Nigeria and they sell lots of fresh produce in their store. Their merchandise isn’t limited to groceries alone but they also sell health and wellness items, office supplies, and toiletries. They sell wholesales too and they have fast delivery.


Undoubtedly, Amazon is one of the best e-commerce sites that we have in the world and lots of people love it because they offer a wide range of products in several categories.  For every product search, you are offered a wide range of products. Amazon products are very easy to ship to Nigeria through several online shopping companies for an affordable price.

Spar Nigeria

This shopping site is recognized as one of the top 10 online shopping sites that we have in the country and they offer a wide range of items. Spar also operates as a retail business both online and offline. They also offer one of the best and most affordable products in several categories which includes home appliances, beauty products, electronics, and office supplies.

There, you can also get fresh produce, meat, and also groceries. They are one of the cheapest online stores that we have in Nigeria. They offer lots of discounts on several products and you can save money on the items bought.


Kusnap is also an e-commerce site that connects lots of buyers and sellers from several parts of the country free of charge. This platform makes use of simple chat and sales to buy leads and an awesome user experience. On this platform, you can sell products such as Smartphones, tablets, electronics, and kitchen appliances.


Ajebomarket is one of the leading online stores for men’s fashion in Nigeria and they aim to be the best in the country. They have high-quality items for both adults and teenagers. When you are thinking of what to buy then you can check out Ajebomarket. 

Jiji Nigeria

Jiji was founded in 2014 and they are growing fast in the industry and they have an advanced security system. They also offer an easy and stress-free solution for buying and selling anything. As a business owner, you can post your products on the platform for free and have them sold on the platform for an estimated price.


Konga is also among the best online stores that we have in Nigeria currently. They provide affordable products from all categories on their platform which ranges from home goods. Fashion, toys, books, electronics, and even personal care. They are very good at invention and their product has a 7-day return policy. They also have a flexible payment method.

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