The Undoing – Synopsis, Genre, And Cast | The Undoing HBO

Are looking for an American thriller and psychological TV series that you can use to cool off after a hectic day at work? If your answer is affirmative, The Undoing is hugely recommended for you. Without a doubt, watching movies is one of the plethoric ways of entertaining one’s self. Likewise, people’s taste for movies varies. As a result, movies websites keep providing movies in different genres. The Undoing is an American TV series that was released by HBO Max in 2020. The TV series which was initially based on a 2014 novel is one that attracted a lot of movie lovers in 2020.

The Undoing - Synopsis, Genre, And Cast | The Undoing HBO

Furthermore, The Undoing became the movie with the most views on HBO overthrowing Game of Thrones. And it was the biggest U.S show that was launched on Sky. The movie revolves around a murder case where a successful psychologist and her family became the prime suspect of a murder case. The movie contains a lot of suspense and tragedy. So far The Undoing has become one of American favorite TV shows. It was written by David E Kelley and directed by Susanne Bier. In 2020, The Undoing became the most viewed TV show with a lot of praises for the performances of the cast.

Synopsis And Genre of The Undoing

The movie portrays star actress Grace Fraser role as a psychologist alongside star actor Hugh Grant as her husband. The Undoing shows how a successful psychologist and her husband who were living comfortably became tied with a Murder case which lives them worried and devastated. How the Truth will be unveiled is not what you will want to miss. The series is centered on human lives, a murder case, hidden truth, discoveries, and confessions. The Undoing portrays a Tragedy genre full of thrilling suspense.

Cast of The Undoing

The Undoing features many popular cast and American Favorites. Check out The Cast of the Undoing below;

  • Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser
  • Huge Grant as Jonathan Fraser
  • Edgar Ramirez as Detective Joe
  • Noah Jupe as Henry Fraser
  • Lily Rabe as Sylvia Steinetz
  • Matilda De Angelis as Elena Alves
  • Ishmael Cruz Cordova as Fernando Alves
  • Edan Alexander as Miguel Alves
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Alexis Young
  • Fala Chen as Jolene McCall
  • Tarik Davis as Michael Hoffman
  • Michael Devine as detective Paul O’Rourke
  • Maria Dizza as Diane Porter
  • Rosemary Harris as Janet Fraser
  • Vedette Lim as Amanda Emory
  • Janel Moloney as Sally Maybury
  • Matt McGrath as Joseph Hoffman
  • Jeremy Shamos as Robert Connaver
  • Tracee Chimo Pallero as Rebecca Harkness
  • Jason Kravits as Dr Stuart Rosenfeld
  • Donald Sutherland as Franklin Reinhardt

Where Can I Watch The Undoing

The Undoing which has a total number of six episodes was first premiered on HBO. You can watch The Undoing on HBO and if you are a premium HBO subscriber, you can view it on HBO Max. Also, you can check for The Undoing episode 1, episode2, episode 3, and episode 4 on Netflix. Above all, you can the ratings of the movie on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

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