The Blue Caftan – Synopsis and Cast

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The Blue Caftan is a movie produced in 2022 and directed by Maryam Touzani. It is an Arabic film that tells the story of a closeted gay tailor and the series of tense scenes that follow.

The Blue Caftan - Synopsis and Cast

Along with many other lessons featured in this movie, it’s also a film about the different kinds of love there are. It sheds light on romantic, familial, sexual, and platonic love. The Blue Caftan reflects the nonjudgmental exploration of the various relationships and how they dissect difficult moments.


In this movie, a man, Halim, who is the main character of the movie, is homosexual. He is also a man who is heavily devoted to his wife, Mina, as well as to his religion. They both own an old-fashioned shop that makes garments in the Town’s medina.

The main character, Halim, works excellently as a master tailor who is struggling to keep his manual trade alive. This is in line with the way machines now perform their tasks at a faster rate. Hence, this makes finding an apprentice for the trade quite difficult.

As time passes, Mina soon notices that her husband’s attention is drawn to the new apprentice. From previous scenes of his illicit affairs with other men in the local hammam, we can tell where his interests lie. However, those affairs leave him less satisfied and even more anonymous. Still, he hopes for something more to happen between him and Youssef.

The movie focuses on varying scenes of romance. Some are more intimate than others, especially the scene where Halim guides his apprentice’s hand in creating an ankle-length tunic made of petroleum blue silk. There are also unique and intense scenes that reveal the act of seduction in many LGBTQ+-themed houses.

Furthermore, there are scenes where the audience definitely sympathizes more with Mina, his wife. Even when Halim isn’t present, especially during his affair scenes. We also learn later that Mina never stopped loving her husband, but she stopped fighting her illness of breast cancer.

The movie trickles down to more raw emotions between husband and wife and what decisions are being made. You should watch the movie to learn more about how it ends.


This movie has an amazing cast dedicated to fulfilling and displaying every raw emotion for their captivated audiences. The movie includes Abdelhamid Zoughi, Fatima Hilal, Lubna Azabal, Amira Tiouli, Saleh Bakri, Zakaria Atifi, Mariam Lalouaz, and Kholoud El Ouehabi.

Each and every member of the cast had a role to play in this movie. They had different roles, such as boutique customers, Fatna, Police Officers, Bathhouse Employees, a Doctor, Blue Caftan Clients, and so on. He does manage to find and hire a fair-themed Youssef as an apprentice in his and his wife’s shop.

What Genre of Movie is ‘The Blue Caftan’?

The movie genres of The Blue Caftan is drama, romance, and LGBTQ+. This is in line with the husband of Mila having feelings for his male apprentice, Youssef. It also depicts the raw emotion of romance, as his wife cannot stop loving him and he cannot stop loving her.This is despite his secret sexual affairs and his growing feelings for his apprentice.

Where Can I Watch “The Blue Caftan”?

There are a variety of streaming platforms where you can watch The Blue Caftan online. You can simply use reliable streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and even Netflix to watch the movie. Also, you can simply buy or rent the movie on Google Play or iTunes.

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