TFTP – Transfer Short Configuration Files | TFTP Server

TFTP, the abbreviation for Trivial File Transfer Protocol, is a platform that allows the transfer of files between network devices. Used for sending short configuration files to other devices. TFTP was found in the 1970s for lacking enough computer memory. TFTP can be used at home or to share software across networks it uses its server software to connect two or more devices. You can also start a computer remotely, and you can back up files. Do you want to know more about this, read on and I will tell you more about it? However, TFTP is free to download and use, which means you don’t need to pay for it.

TFTP - Transfer Short Configuration Files | TFTP Server

TFTP is an easy protocol that gives basic file transfer functions. TFTP is different from FTP (file transfer protocol) and http (hypertext transfer protocol). It is a simpler version of FTP. However, a lot of people are not familiar with this term as it is related to networking. TFTP is an important function built as a lockstep File Transfer Protocol that enables users to transfer files from one device to another or store files on a remote host. When you can find or use TFTP is in the early process of node booting where you can access it on the local area network. People that make use of TFTP include home network administrators in other to set up their router firmware. Likewise used by professional administrators in other to get their software transferred to various corporate networks.

How Does TFTP Work?

TFTP uses its server’s software to connect two or more devices together. From Trivial File Transfer Protocol, you can upload individual files. The client sends files as the server host the file. You can use it remotely to back up a network and start a computer. It helps you in transferring your files.

How to Operate Trivial File Transfer Protocol Client on Windows

This process is accessed on your computer, not on your mobile phone. Trivial File Transfer Protocol is easy to use. All you need to do is go to the control panel and follow these steps;

  • Go to control panel
  • Select programs
  • Turn your windows features on
  • Select TFTP client

Now operate TFTP through command prompt or TFTP command reference page. Now you can operate your Trivial File Transfer Protocol client on windows. Transfer files on this without stress.

Difference Between TFTP And FTP

Unfortunately, TFTP and FTP are not the same, here are the differences;

  • Trivial File Transfer Protocol transfers files up to 32mb in size, but ftp can’t.
  • It has no login process, unlike ftp
  • ftp allows renaming, deleting and listing files but tftp doesn’t
  • ftp makes use of Tcp ports 20 and 21 for network connections but tftp makes use of Udp port 69

Because Trivial File Transfer Protocol makes use of UDP, it only works on local area networks. Now we know the differences between TFTP and FTP. Now you see why I said they are not the same. It saves time and is very effective. Use Trivial File Transfer Protocol today and thank me later.

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