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Many restaurants have failed to collect the responses of their customers, and this has caused them to lose many customers and even potential customers. Some have not even found a better platform to hear what their customers have to say about them, and they lose potential customers because they don’t get to improve on their services. Worry less, in this article I will be talking all about the Tellpopeyes survey.

Tellpopeyes Survey on
Tellpopeyes Survey on

The Tellpopeyes survey is a customer feedback platform conducted by It is aimed at knowing their customers’ experiences when they come into their restaurant and also their online customers to be able to give them better customer service.

This platform enables restaurants to learn more about their customers, demonstrate their concern for them, and improve their customer satisfaction. Getting feedback from the customers will put the restaurants in a better state.

How Does Popeyes’ Guest Satisfaction Survey Work?

The Tellpopeyes guest satisfaction survey is all about satisfying guest customers by taking note of their feedback. Tellpopeyes is ready to take all the responses, positive or negative, especially when you are honest. The survey team will later compile all the customer views and evaluate them after the evaluation.

They will take the required actions according to the views of the guest in order to give the customer the best satisfaction on his or her future visit. To give this feedback, all you have to do is to log in to the website and answer the given questions. The process is very simple and easy. You can also win amazing discounts from this process.

Benefits and Rewards From the Tellpopeyes Customer Survey

The following are what you stand to enjoy when you take the popeyes survey;

Better Satisfaction

The main reason why this platform was created is to get feedback from customers, whether good or bad. And this feedback will assist restaurants in providing better customer service on future visits. To get better satisfaction on your next visit, you have to give your feedback on the website, and this feedback will be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated to give better satisfaction to the customers.

Gift Cards and Rewards

The Popeyes website does not only give better customer service to customers. Customers who give feedback can also get discounts and gifts. They give this gift to show their appreciation to customers who have taken out the time to give their feedback on the website. Popeyes gives out discounts ranging from $10 to $50. Only customers who go to the website to give their feedback regularly will enjoy these amazing discounts.

Tellpopeyes Feedback Survey Rules

To be able to freely operate on the Popeyes website, the customer must adhere to the rules and regulations of the company. To take the survey, you need to be eligible and follow the rules and regulations listed below.

  • The age limit for customers taking the survey is 16 years and above.
  • The customer should also be a citizen of the country where the restaurant is operating.
  • You are also required to have visited the restaurant.
  • The customer should also possess the invitation to take the survey.
  • Employees or their families are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • You are only allowed to take one survey at a time, which also means taking one survey a month.

Note that failure to adhere to these rules will not guarantee you of taking a survey. These rules and regulations above will guide you as a customer on how to either take the survey or not.

Requirements for Taking www Popeyes Survey

Just as there are rules and regulations that guide taking a survey. There are also requirements for every customer to take a Tellpopeyes survey. Check the list of requirements below.

  • To visit the website, you need a computer, a mobile phone, or a laptop.
  • Taking the survey is done online, so you will need a stable internet connection.
  • You are required to submit your valid email address. This is needed for you to get more updates on rewards and more.
  • You are required to also provide a purchase receipt from the restaurants, which should not be older than 2 days.

Having all of the requirements is necessary for every customer before taking the survey. Also, the available languages are just English and Spanish. So, you need to be fluent in either of the two provided languages.

How to Take a Customer Survey on

Taking a survey online as a customer is very easy and simple. All you need is your device and a very stable internet connection. Follow the process below to take a survey;

  • To start with, you have to visit on your web browser.
  • Alternatively, visit
  • Click on the ”Take Survey” link.
  • This takes you to a new page where you have to enter the restaurant number, date, time of visit, and the total amount of bill on your receipt.
  • After that, click on the Next arrow icon.
  • Proceed with the survey by answering the questions based on your prior visit to the restaurant.
  • Once you’re done, tap the submit button.
  • Then a page will appear where you have to provide your personal details such as your address, mobile number, and monthly income.
  • Finally, click on the ”Finish” button.

Above all, always remember to check your receipt for the amount and the Tellpopeyes validation code. With this, you will be able to receive gift cards and rewards. You can also use the Popeyes coupon code at any Popeyes restaurant to enjoy amazing offers.


These are frequently asked questions about the Tellpopeyes survey, and this will guide you to get a proper understanding of other things you need to know about this survey. Check the frequently asked questions below.

Do I Need to Login to Take the Popeyes Customer Survey?

There is no need for you to log in to any app. All you just need to do is to visit the website and provide the details needed to take the survey.

How Do I Find a Popeyes Restaurant Near Me?

To find the nearest Popeyes restaurant, visit This will guide you to the nearest restaurant found in your location.

How Do I Contact Tellpopeyes Customer Service?

Visit the website on your web browser. On the website, you will find contact us. Click on it. There you will find the contact for customer service.

How Do I Redeem Popeyes Rewards?

To redeem your rewards for Popeyes Go to the rewards feature on the Popeyes application, click on the menu item, and choose the item you want to use your reward on. After this, hit the redeem button and place your order online.

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