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The TellHappyStar Survey is an online survey activity that is conducted by Hardee’s Food System. This is an American fast-food chain that is based mainly in the Midwest and South of the United States.

TellHappyStar Survey on is the only official survey website where all the customers of Hardee’s can participate. TellHappyStar functions similarly to any other review you might leave after a gaming or other experience. This survey is where customers can input their feedback on the experiences and services that they’ve received from Hardee’s fast-food chain.

Furthermore, this survey is pretty important as it’s a factor that aids in the making of changes in their system. This way, they can end up being better at their deals and the services they offer to their clients.

Can I Participate In TellHappyStar Survey?

Before you can participate in the survey set up by Hardee, you might want to read up on the requirements set for people interested. Still, you can participate in the survey as long as you are considered eligible for it. There are also various reasons why you should participate in the survey.

For one, Hardee has announced that it will offer coupon codes as a means to encourage more customers to take part in the surveys. While you get a valuable resource and participate in the survey, they get more accurate data to help in their service delivery.

Requirements for Taking the TellHappyStar survey

If you are a customer who frequents Hardee’s fast-food restaurants, you are free to participate in the TellHappyStar survey. However, Hardee has set up some requirements that have to be met before you can fully participate in the survey. If interested, you can check your eligibility below. The following are the prerequisites for taking the TellHappyStar:

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must be a United States citizen.
  • You need to take part using the online method.
  • There can only be one survey code used every single time.
  • The receipt is only valid for 7 days.
  • You must be capable of communicating in English or Spanish.
  • A purchase on a recent visit to Hardee’s is mandatory. You must have the receipt and a valid survey code.
  • You will need a mobile media gadget like your phone or your laptop.
  • You need to have a stable internet connection.

As long as you meet the requirements listed above, you can successfully participate in the TellHappyStar survey.

How to Participate in The TellHappyStar Survey

Now, as long as you have met all the requirements listed, you are now eligible to participate in the TellHappyStar survey. In this section, you will learn all about the guidelines you should follow to ensure a smooth experience with your survey. These guidelines will greatly assist you in having a positive Hardee participation experience. Here are the stated guidelines:

  • Firstly, you should take your media gadgets, like your phone or laptop. and open the browser.
  • Also, you should check your receipt to confirm it has not expired.
  • Then go to, the official website for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Restaurant.
  • Now, you will start the survey by adding the store number, date, and time. This can be found on your most recent visit receipt.
  • Then you press the START button.
  • The next thing you will see is a list of questions. You only have to answer them based on your experience at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr Restaurant.
  • You can simply submit your response once you have answered all of the questions.
  • Enter contact information when it is requested.
  • The next thing to happen is that a validation code is sent to you. You only need to write it down on your receipt. That code will be valid for the next 30 days.

With the validation code you received, you can easily use it on your next visit to the Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. restaurant, but it is subject to a time limit.

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