Teleparty – Host And Join A Netflix Party | Teleparty Extension Download

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Nothing is more interesting than watching movies with friends together online. The vast majority of movie websites available only allow you to watch movies, but not with friends. Arguably, you will not always have the time to go to the cinema to watch movies with your friends or visit them to watch TV together.  With Teleparty, you can watch movies with your friends online regardless of where they are.

Teleparty - Host And Join A Netflix Party | Teleparty Extension Download

The question on your mind now should be ‘’What is Teleparty? Teleparty is formerly known as Netflix Party and it is a new way of watching movies at the same time with your friends with your accounts.

Teleparty is used by millions of people worldwide and it allows you to connect with friends and host long-distance movie nights and have TV watch parties together. As stated above, the service was formerly called Netflix Party but has now changed its name because it has extended its services across other streaming services like Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, and Amazon.

Thus, you can create a Netflix Party with friends on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, and Amazon to watch tons of great shows together. Netflix Party is free and easy to use but users need to have an account connected to any of the streaming sites mentioned before they can start or join a Teleparty.

How Teleparty Works

Netflix Party is now Teleparty. On the contrary, Teleparty is not compatible with all devices. You can only create a Netflix Party on laptops and desktop computers. Besides, it is only available as a browser extension on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.  This is however a huge blow to the platform as mobile device users can not create a Netflix Party on their device.

It is not compatible with Android, iOS, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and OTT devices. On the other hand, more than one person can make use of one account to join a party. However, the account needs to be on a membership plan that allows multiple persons to use the streaming service simultaneously.

Furthermore, Netflix Party allows tons of users to participate in the same Teleparty. Presently, up to a thousand friends can participate in the same party. You should however know that Netflix Party is not available in all countries. Netflix Party is only available in countries where Netflix can be accessed.

Therefore, if you want to host a Netflix Party with your friends in different locations, you should ensure that the show you want to stream is available in all of your regional Netflix libraries. To avoid any interruption, you should consider watching Netflix originals which are available in all regions.

How to Download or Install Teleparty Extension

To host or join or party on Teleparty, you need to download the Teleparty extension for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera browsers. When you install Netflix party, you can watch Teleparty Hulu, Teleparty Amazon Prime, Teleparty Disney Plus, and Teleparty HBO. Teleparty is free to download and you can follow the simple guidelines below to get the Teleparty extension on your laptop computers;

  • Visit the Teleparty website on any Teleparty-supported browser.
  • Click on ‘’Install Teleparty’’ or ‘’Get Teleparty for free’’
  • You will then the taken to the chrome web store.
  • Click on ‘’Add to Chrome’’
  • Confirm it by clicking on the Add extension button from the pop-up page.

In a few seconds, Netflix Party will be added to your Chrome extension. On the homepage, you will what users are watching on each streaming site, and the number of people watching them.

How to Host a Netflix Party

Before you can host a Teleparty, you need to permit it to read and change your website data on all supported services so that you can watch with other users. Netflix Party automatically keeps everything perfectly in sync. So, all you have to do is stream and chat.

  • Login to your favorite streaming service. Netflix Party supports Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Select a video. Navigate to the video you want to stream with friends. Then tap the Tp icon at the upper right corner of your browser to create your party. If you can’t find the Tp icon, tap the spade icon located next to the address bar and pin Netflix Party to your Chrome toolbar.
  • Invite people to your party
  • Enjoy movies with your friends on the go.

Hosting a Netflix Party is pretty easy to free. You can invite your friends by sharing with them the link you generated. The recipient[s] will navigate to the URL and click on the red Tp icon to join. If your friends have not installed the Netflix Party extension, they will need to do that.

How to Join a Teleparty

Joining a Netflix Party is pretty easy as well. Mind you, you must have an account with any of the compatible streaming services [Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and Disney] to join a Teleparty. You must also have installed the Teleparty extension on your PC. Having met these requirements, you can follow the steps below;

  • Open Teleparty from your Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension.
  • Click on the shared link which redirects you to the selected movie.
  • Now tap the red Tp button located at the top right corner of your Chrome or Edge browser to automatically connect to the party chatroom.

To crown it all, Teleparty has a Chat feature that allows you to comment on the movie/show with your friend. You can customize the Netflix party by selecting a fun user icon and nickname. You can send GIFs, emojis, and screenshots to make the party a blast. Voice and video chat are not available. Only text-based chat is supported at the moment.

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