Tech Courses Online

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Tech Courses Online – We have come upon a new era where everything involves technology. Almost every industry has an involvement with tech and they require people with tech skills to take up certain positions. If you have a tech skill or two, you can apply for these jobs. However, if you don’t have any tech skills, you can always take up tech courses online and get skilled.

Tech Courses Online

There are lots of options for people who want to learn IT courses. There are now several online tech courses that offer extensive learning programs for interested students. Completing either of these courses will give you the motivation to check out a new career path. Even if you want to advance your career in the IT field. There are lots of online tech courses that you can enroll in and graduate with a diploma. This blog post brings you some of the best tech courses online that are quite affordable.

8 Best Platforms For Learning Tech Courses Online

If you are interested in a career change or you want to advance your career, you can start by taking some tech courses online that you can add to your resume. Here are some tech courses online:


This platform offers a wide array of online tech course to the student who wants to make changes to their lives. This online academy provides free online courses that offer a diploma or a certificate. They also provide a wide range of advanced tech courses that are paid for. 

In this online tech school, the students will receive the teachings that they can use to build an impressive resume and make the most of their careers.  The school also makes sure that the students are well trained with everything that they need to be good in the type of tech job they choose.

Furthermore, to enroll in Alison you don’t have to pay any subscription fee or enrolment fee. Students can visit their official website and sign up for free online. And make use of several online curse opportunities that will enable them to widen their horizons and create a better life for themselves. Alison offers the skills and certification. All you need to do is to write your resume and start applying for jobs.

Pricing: premium account membership cost $8.00 per month.


Edx provides over 3,000 of the best online tech courses from more than 160 universities and colleges that work as their partners. This online school has enrolled more than 500,000 students in their classes. Students who are interested in learning about tech courses and any other type of degree can enroll in EdX and learn several basic skills they will need for no cost at all.

 After completing their online tech course, they will work to choose to advance the program of their course. EdX provides the best online tech courses for students who want to make a switch career path or advance their career. The courses offered at EdX are built by several top universities. And enable students to get the quality of education that they need in order to succeed in life. Every student has the chance to as far as they would like when it comes to finishing their education.

Pricing: $349 per year.


Codecademy provides the best online tech courses and coding classes for people who are interested in learning how to write code. This school provides basic coding, data engineering, computer science, and other courses to people who want to work in the IT world. People can enroll and starts building their careers, explore a wide range of subject, and also gain skills that are relevant to the IT world. Students can also learn a new language.

After completing the free online tech courses, you will be encouraged to advance your course program. When you sign up for advanced courses. You will be able to learn new skills that will be relevant in your career field.  While still enrolled in the program, you can also still work. Once you receive your diplomas, you can continue to check out new horizons that will be relevant in the IT field.

Pricing: $39.99 per month.


This online school gives the students the chance to enroll in only the best online school available and also access several only tech courses that were created by top universities and colleges in the world. This also includes the British Council, King’s College of London, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University. Students are allowed to enroll in free online tech courses or even choose an advanced course for a discounted price.

Furthermore, FutureLearn offers students the skills that they will need to pursue many popular positions in the tech world. You can take advantage of the free online tech courses and you will be able to build an outstanding career for yourself.  After completing the online tech course, it is very common for students to return for an advanced course.

Pricing:$39 per month.


Coursera provides over 5000 online tech course programs that are built by some of the best universities and colleges such as Stanford, Duke, IBM, Illinois, University of Michigan, and Penn.  Several of the tech course are free while the advanced courses are for a fee. These online tech courses offer the student with professional degrees or certificates once they complete their coursework. After completing their coursework, they can choose to advance their course.

In addition, Coursera also motivates students to learn without limits and explore every opportunity they have for advancement. When you enroll in online tech courses, then you can start learning new skills while you are still learning. This gives them the opportunity to build their resume. And also put their plan to switch their career path to the IT world. While schooling you can also begin to search for entry-level jobs that will offer them the best plan for advancement.

Pricing: $49 per month.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning gives the student the opportunity to enroll in the best online tech courses to learn new skills, study software, and learn about specific subjects. Instructors have many years of experience to guide students along any path they choose. Many of its online tech courses are free. Students can also choose to pay each month while the companies can buy learning tools for their whole staff. These options are made possible for people who want to further their education.

LinkedIn Learning also provides a free trial for students to see if the courses offered by the online school will help them attain their goals. The students can choose to advance their careers after finishing the free online course. They will be able to learn new skills needed to change their career path or choose to move forward with the current one.  With the skills learned from the online course, they will be able to advance their career.

Pricing: ranges from $29.99 to $39.99 per month.


Pluralsight provides several of the best online tech courses for people who want to take on new challenges. This school provides programs on several platforms that are perfect for students who want to move forward with their careers. Or for employers who are searching for cheap training options that they can count on to enhance productivity. And strengthen the workforce so that the employees can climb up the ladder and still stay with the company.

Furthermore, Pluralsight provides skill assessment, hands-on learning, live courses, labs, and certification prep. The skills are taught for several career paths such as cloud computing, cyber security, IT ops, and also software development. Students also have the opportunity to choose the area they feel drawn to pave their way to a new career path. After they enroll in a program, they can start searching for jobs and build their career.

Pricing: prices are $299 or $499 per year.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn gives students the opportunity to apply for the best online tech courses and also further their education toward building a better career path. Students are given the option to record the event or even watch live. After completing their coursework, they can become certified by Microsoft and include this in their resume along with the other skills that they have learned.

Microsoft Learn also offers the student all the skills that they need to advance their careers. If you want to change your career path, you can start looking for jobs as soon as you enroll in the online tech course. This will enable the student to gain hands-on experience as they advance their coursework.

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