Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Tamil New Year | Tamil Puthandu

Tamil New Year is also known as Puthandu or Varusha Priappu and is mostly celebrated by Tamil-speaking people on the first day of the Tamil Month. The celebration marks the beginning of the Chithirai Month, the beginning of the Tamil Solar Calendar, and the onset of the new calendric year. Base on the Gregorian calendar, the Tamil New Year falls mostly on the 14th of April. That is; the Tamil New Year for 2022 is most likely to fall on the 14th of April. The celebration is mainly celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu and in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia, and other regions.

Tamil New Year 2022 - Happy Tamil New Year | Tamil Puthandu

The Truth Behind Tamil New Year

The Tamil New Year also popularly known as Puthandu the beginning of the Chitterai and the first day of the New Year. Most Tamil People observe the Puthandu as the day when Lord Brahma started the creation of the Universe. They celebrate the Tamil festival with immense hope and joy. Ensuring that the New Year brings growth and opportunities to the Life of the people. On Puthandu day, people greet each other “Puthandu Pirappuv” which means Happy New Year.

What Food Will be Eaten on 2022 Tamil New Year?

On the Day of the Festival, the People will eat vegetarian Food and this food will consist of Mango Pachadi which is a blend of chilies, neem leaves, flowers, salt, jaggery, and tamarind. In addition, it will consist of Avuyal, Fried Appalam, Coconut Milk, Curd, Veppam poo Rasma, Payasam, Puruppu Vadia, and more.

Tamil New Year 2022 Custom And Tradition

The Tamil 2022 New Year Celebration promises to be a fantastic and amazing Celebration for you and your family. According to tradition, it is symbolic to decorate a tray with items such as Mangoes, Bananas, Jackfruit, Betel Leaves, Jewelry, Coins, Flowers, and Mirrors. The decorated tray is the first thing a Tamil sees when waking up to the New Year.  Another tradition that will take place at the Tamil 2022 New Year Celebration is the making of Intricate, colored rice powder design which is known as ‘’Kolam’’. This particular tradition is believed to remove darkness and is also marked with a feast in all the Tamil Homes.

In addition, People will buy new clothes for the 2022 Tamil New Year and will exchange New Year greeting with their family, friends, and relatives. Divine songs and traditional instruments are played to observe the occasion and also the younger children get to receive gifts and token of money from elders. They also get to visit the temple for prayer where the Head Priest reads out the “Panchangam” for the year to all the people. Most families get to do the “thearpanam” and other rituals in remembrance of their ancestors. A  Big Car Festival will be held at the Tirvidamiradur and other events will take place in Kanchipuram, Tiruchirapalli, and a few other places. The Puthadam or New Year Celebration is usually big and families and friends get to spend time together and the 2022 Tamil New Year won’t be an exception.

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