Staysure Travel Insurance – Get Covered for Multiple Trips 

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If you’re an avid globetrotter, it is very important that you get a travel insurance quote. Travel insurance helps to protect you against unexpected risks and financial losses incurred while traveling. Staysure is currently one of the companies that offer the best travel insurance policies.

Staysure Travel Insurance - Get Covered for Multiple Trips 
Staysure Travel Insurance – Get Covered for Multiple Trips 

It is the most trusted insurer in the UK. Since 2004. They have been providing well-priced insurance for people in the United Kingdom. Their headquarters is located in Northampton, and they specialize in offering some of the best travel insurance policies for UK citizens over the age of 50. Staysure specializes in covering a variety of pre-existing medical conditions.

Staysure travel insurance is now open to people under the age of 50. You can expect nothing less than amazing travel insurance offers from Staysure. They have excellent ratings and have been awarded for being the best travel insurance providers. Staysure offers a variety of insurance policies to choose from.

Staysure Travel Insurance Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Staysure is one of the best insurers in the United Kingdom and they offer a wide range of travel insurance policies. Along with that, they also offer great perks with their travel insurance. Some of which include:

  • Up to $5,000 cancellation.
  • Coverage for a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Extra daily benefits for self-isolation when on vacation.
  • Cutting your trip short due to a relative being hospitalized.
  • Elimination of upper age limit.
  • Unlimited medical repartition and emergency.
  • Staysure standard policy covers several activities.
  • Termination of Staysure policy due to denial of travel due to COVID-19 symptoms.

These are the features of Staysure travel insurance. Staysure allows you to cancel your policy if you are unable to board the plane due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Types of Staysure Travel Insurance

As mentioned earlier, Staysure offers a variety of travel insurance options to choose from. Here is a list of the travel insurance it offers:

  • Single trip travel insurance
  • Annual trip travel insurance
  • Coronavirus travel insurance
  • Worldwide travel insurance
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Europe travel insurance
  • Long stay travel insurance
  • The UK travel insurance
  • Cruise travel insurance
  • Over 50s travel insurance
  • Winter sports travel insurance

These are the types of travel insurance that Staysure offers. You can choose the travel insurance that suits you and get a quote on their official page.

What Does Staysure Travel Insurance Cover?

If you want to purchase travel insurance from Staysure, you should get familiar with what each policy covers. Here are some of the insurance policies and what they offer:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This policy covers a single or multiple destination trip. It is an excellent option for covering a one-off holiday. And it covers:

 What’s CoveredBasic coverComprehensive cover
Medical repatriation and emergenciesUp to $5 millionUnlimited
CancellationUp to $500Up to $5000
Cutting your trip shortUp to $500Up to $5000
Baggage coverUp to $300Up to $2,500
Cash stolen or lostUp to $200Up to $500
Personal liability     —-Up to $2 million
Legal protection cover     —-Up to $25,000
End supplier failure     —–$3000
Excess$85- $100$65

The aforementioned are what single-trip travel insurance covers. However, you can choose to add more coverage to your policy if you want. Here are some extra comprehensive coverage options:

  • 100-day upgrade which allows people under the age of 70 to extend their holiday period.
  • Connecting flight cover – This covers the fee if you miss your flight or cancel your flight.
  • Excess waiver – You won’t have to pay additional fees for filing a claim
  • Golf cover – Covers for non-professional golf.
  • Terrorism cancellation cover – This enables you to cancel your flight if a terrorist has attacked a place within 40 miles of your location in 42 days.
  • Cruise Cover Plus – This covers you for protection if you are unable to arrive at a scheduled port due to weather conditions.
  • Gadget cover – Your gadgets get up to $1,000 for coverage
  • Winter sports – This covers the medical fees for any injury sustained during winter sports or loss of winter equipment.

You can add this additional coverage to your single-trip travel insurance policy.

Annual Travel Insurance

People who like to take several trips in a year can choose this type of insurance policy. It covers the policyholder for several trips in one year saving you the stress of getting a new policy every time you travel. Here is what annual travel insurance covers:

 What’s CoveredBasicComprehensive
Medical emergencies and repatriationUp to $5 millionUnlimited
CancellationUp to $500Up to $5,000
Cutting your trip shortUp to $500Up to $5,000
Lost or stolen cashUp to $250Up to $500
Personal liability  —Up to $2 million
Baggage claimsUp to $300Up to $2,500
Personal liability —Up to $2 million
Legal protection cover—–Up to $25,000
End supplier failure —$3,000
Excess$85 – $100$65

 Based on your travel plans, you can choose to cover trips to these respective regions:

  • The United Kingdom and Europe – excluding Spain, Malta, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, and Cyprus.
  • All of Europe
  • All countries worldwide except for Canada, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, the USA, Thailand, and Bermuda.

You can decide to start your policy immediately or choose a date 90 days before your policy starts.

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance ensures that you will be able to travel again. Policyholders with pre-existing medical conditions can buy travel insurance from Staysure. Also, there is no upper age limit. This type of insurance covers the things a common travel insurance policy would.

It also covers claims caused by the medical conditions that were declared. Without travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, you will be responsible for the expense of emergency treatment. Medical travel insurance covers COVID-19.

Coronavirus Travel Insurance

This policy covers your COVID-19 treatment as long as you have declared any pre-existing medical conditions. With this type of policy, you can travel to any destination and be assured that you are covered. This type of policy covers you if you have:

  • Covid-19 within 14 days of your holiday.
  • If the government asks you to go into self-isolation.
  • Unable to complete your COVID-19 vaccine due to illness or allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine that would terminate your flight.
  • If your companion has COVID-19.
  • Tested positive for COVID during flight boarding.
  • If your relatives have been hospitalized due to COVID.
  • It also covers your medical expenses when you are out of the country.
  • It has repatriation cover to assist you back home.
  • Extra daily benefits if you are ordered by the government to self-isolate.
  • It has additional cover for extra accommodation costs.
  • Cut short your holiday after your relatives have been hospitalized due to COVID.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel around the world, worldwide travel insurance has got you covered. Depending on the country you are traveling to and your age, worldwide travel insurance covers your holiday for up to 18 months.

Europe Travel Insurance

If you want to travel around Europe, you can get Europe travel insurance. You can visit your favorite European countries with the assurance that you are covered.

UK Travel Insurance

This policy covers the cancellation of your trip to the UK for up to $5000 if you have reserved a hotel room. It covers any medical treatment in the UK. If you are traveling on a cruise in the UK, it covers the medical expenses. It also covers COVID-19 with no charge whatsoever.

If you are unable to make your trip due to a cancellation by COVID-19, you will be covered by UK travel insurance. If you have booked a stay in Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, the Channel Islands, England, or Northern Ireland, you will be covered for up to $10,000.

Long Stay Travel Insurance

Are you planning a long trip? Don’t worry, this insurance policy will cover all your long trips for up to 18 months.

Cruise Travel Insurance

If you are planning a cruise, you must purchase cruise travel insurance. It covers any accident that happens at sea. It covers both domestic and international UK cruises. You can buy this policy 18 months before your trip. It also offers additional coverage.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

This type of policy covers any risk during winter sports. The risk would not be covered by any other insurance policy. It covers loss, damage, and theft of equipment; hire fees for equipment if you lose your equipment; ski instructor fees; and landslide delays. The winter sports travel insurance is added to the annual multi-trip policy.

This means that you can travel for an additional 21 days of covered winter sports. Winter sports include activities like glacier skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, mono-skiing, guided cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and sleigh pulling by reindeer. These winter activities are only covered on a non-professional basis.

Over 50s Travel Insurance

Your age shouldn’t be a barrier to having your dream holiday. You can get over-50s travel insurance that covers your medical and travel needs. It covers you against unexpected medical expenses, missing language, and cancellation of trips.

You can customize your policy to fit your needs, with no upper age limit. Such as over 60s travel insurance, over 65s travel insurance, over 70s travel insurance, over 75s travel insurance, over 80s travel insurance, and over 85s travel insurance. You can rest assured when you travel because you have the best over 50s travel insurance.

Why Should I Choose Staysure Travel Insurance?

Staysure is one of the best insurance companies in the United Kingdom and it offers some of the best travel insurance policies. They provide emergency medical cover for COVID-19 when you are out of the country. Staysure gives their policyholders easy access to their policy and allows any amendment through their online platform. Plus, when you want to take a COVID-19 test, you get 10% off with a new policy.

How to Get a Staysure Travel Insurance Quote

If you want to get a travel insurance quote from Staysure, you can visit their official page and follow the prompts. The steps are pretty easy. Follow the procedures below to get a travel insurance quote:

  • Open your web browser and visit
  • On the homepage, click on ”Get quote”.
  • On the next page, select if you want a single-trip or annual multi-trip annual insurance coverage.
  • Select Yes or No if the policy should include cruise travel insurance coverage.
  • Choose the country you’re traveling from and enter the country you would like to travel to.
  • Select if your trip is already booked.
  • Choose your departure and return date.
  • Select who the insurance policy will cover [Individual, couple, family, other].
  • Input your title, first name, surname, email address, phone number, and postcode.
  • Click on Next.

Once you have followed the onscreen instructions, use the Staysure travel insurance promo code to get a discount on your coverage. You will be given a 20% discount on your insurance policy.

How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim on Staysure

You can make a Staysure claim by contacting their general claim line or through their official website through their online claim process. However, to make a claim, you will need to provide certain documents.

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