Spotify Premium – Listen to Songs Without Ads | Spotify Premium Plans

Spotify is known to be one of the best digital music, podcast, and video service that offers you access to millions of songs and content from different artists and creators all over the continents. And you can either make use of the Spotify app or the web player to listen to any songs or content of your choice available. Although you can make use of Spotify for free, it is good to go for the premium plan.

Spotify Premium - Listen to Songs Without Ads | Spotify Premium Plans

With the Spotify premium plan, you can listen to songs with no interruption from interruption, download songs and so many more. There are no limits to what you can do on Spotify when it comes to the premium. Furthermore, Spotify offers four premium options; just decide on the one to go for. You can either go for the individual, Duo, Family, or student.

Anyone you go for will give you the best you can ever ask for. And you should not worry about the price because each does not cost much. Do you want to go for the Spotify premium plan but you do not know the cost? All you need to do is follow this article to the end. That is because I will enlighten you more on the Spotify premium and if it is worth paying for.

Spotify Premium Plans & Price

 Just like I have stated above, Spotify offers four premium options. However, below are the premium options and their cost, check it out;

  • Individual – The individual premium membership options allow you to listen to music with no add interruptions, play anywhere and offline and it is on demand playback. It cost $9.99 per month and you are eligible to get one month free on your first payment and it is just for one account.
  • DUO – This Spotify membership option is available for two accounts under one roof. It offers a playlist for two and regularly updates with music that the two individual both enjoy. DUO costs $12.99 per month with I month free on first payment. You get to listen to music offline and everywhere together.
  • Family – The Spotify family premium plan is for 6 accounts living under the same roof. It offers a playlist for your family and updates with different music that you all love and enjoy. Also, it is ads free and you can play music offline and anywhere. It costs 15.99 per month and you are eligible for one month free on your first payment.
  • Student – The student plan is different from the rest and it offers HULU ad supported plan. You can listen to music offline and anywhere ad free. It cost 4.99 per month and it offers one month free on first recharge

Sign up for the Spotify premium account today and choose your choice. Anyone you choose will definitely meet your demand

Is it Worth Getting Spotify Premium?

Yes, it definitely worth getting Spotify premium. With no ads, listening to music offline, affordable cost, what else can we ask for? Spotify premium is more than worth its price with no doubt at all. It gives you all the music or video experience you can ever ask for.

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