Spotify For Artists – Build Your Audience At Any Stage

Are you an artist and you are basically looking forward to building a career in music and probably wondering what Spotify for Artists is all about. And why should I consider using the online streaming platform and is it also for free? In this article, I will be answering all questions as well as exploring its cool features.

Spotify For Artists - Build Your Audience At Any Stage

You are probably used to the Spotify core music streaming platform. Spotify for Artists is a free Add-on feature provided to creators by Spotify. As an artist, once your first song is published, you will be able to utilize the tool to attract more users and fans. The Spotify Artist is a lesser-popular feature. If you are a content creator, it comes with some handy tool that is really useful for you. Making your presence known on the platform helps you improve the looks of your profile, and helps users prove you are not fake. You can also muster insight that will help you make wise decision-making regarding marketing and more.

Spotify for Artists helps you discover new and existing fanbase. Both you and your production team can access the “Spotify for Artists”. You access the Spotify artist platform as an independent Artist regardless of what kind of genre you are doing. It is basically open to everyone and anyone who wants to push his or her music and take his or her music career to the next level.

How to Create a Spotify for Artists Account

  • Visit this site @
  • Depending on your role, choose Artist or manager
  • On the next page which your are redirected to, named “Claim an artist profile,” click Continue
  • You will then see an account if you’re logged in on your device or desktop.
  • Either clicks Next or Change account, depending on what comes up.
  • On the next page, you’ll be prompted to claim a profile. Copy and paste the URL.
  • once your request has been approved, you will be granted access to for as long as you want

Is Spotify for Artists Free

Just like every other music streaming platform, owning a Spotify account is absolutely free. Spotify won’t charge you a penny for owning a Spotify for Artists account. Once fans start streaming your music on Spotify, you will get paid, cool right. But to upload music on Spotify costs about $9.99 via Tunecore. You get discounts while uploading multiple accounts.

How Long Does it Take Spotify to Verify a Spotify Artist?

Your request needs to be fully processed and recognized by the Spotify agencies and system before you can be verified. And it takes at least up to 2weeks for Spotify to fully verify and create your profile and account.

Benefits of Using Spotify for Artist

Honestly, there are tons of benefits you’ll enjoy when you create a Spotify for Artists accounts. Perhaps you’re a big artist or just upcoming, Spotify for Artists helps you find your audience and market better to them.

  • The main reason we are all going through this is to make money right. And this is the most important thing has put in place, offering you about $0.003 to $0.0084 per stream, with an average payout of $0.004 per stream. However, it involves many factors depending on your domicile.
  • As an artist using the spotify artist features, you can improve the looks of your profile and prove your authentication.
  • Its helps you build a great fanbase, exposing you to the world and giving you a massive audience from different part of the world.
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