Sonos Playbase – Wireless Soundbase For TV, Music, And More

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Are you still thinking if you should purchase the Sonos Playbase or not? Then, this write-up will be of great help to you in deciding whether or not you need to purchase the device. Sonos Playbase is one of the simple and most stylish sound base around with its own flaws. The Sonos Playbase has an impressive sound quality and super slim, solid design. In March 2017, the speaker was announced but in October of the same year, the pre-order sales began. It was designed to go under a television plus it comes with other numerous features.

Sonos Playbase - Wireless Soundbase For TV, Music, And More

So, if you have been searching for a Sonos TV speaker that sits perfectly underneath your TV. The Sonos Playbase is a great option for you. Aside from the fact that it can directly sit under your TV, it is one of the sleekest. According to the company, the main aim of creating the Sonos Playbase was to allow the Playbase to disappear into your home and this has been achieved. With your own Sonos Play base, you can stream sound directly from your iPhone ad iPad or you can ask Siri to ask to play you any Apple Music. It is a great option for everyone and is worth purchasing.

About Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase is one of the best sleek soundbase for TV, Movies, Music, and a lot more. The Playbase has been designed to disappear inside your home as you can perfectly sit your Sonos beneath your TV. You don’t need to mount it on the wall or anything. This speaker comes with top-notch features like voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant; it is compatible with more than 80 Music services. In addition, it can be connected to the Sonos platform wirelessly; in simple terms, you can control it via the Sonos App, Apple Music, or Spotify App.

Furthermore, Playbase also comes with similar features that can be found on the Sonos Playbar and these features include; Night mode, Dialogue Enhancement, Volume control, and more. It is incredibly stylish and neat with each of the additional speakers needing a Physical connection. It has almost all the features that can be found on other Sonos Speakers such as Simple multi-room integration and unlimited access to musical options.

Sonos Playbase Overview

In this part of the article, we will be providing you with an in-depth review of the Sonos Playbase. From its Design to Performance and more.


Sonos Playbase does have a unique and fabulous design that will catch your attention. The top of the Playbase is smooth, super flat with rounded corners that provide a softer finish to the Speaker. It is available in white and black and is far different from other Sonos Speakers.


It has the best soundbase for movies and musical performances. In other words, the sound quality of this speaker is top-notch. Music sound so good on this speaker regardless of the volume. However, the Sonos Play base is unable to capture behind head sounds. Nevertheless, it has a great performance which you will defiantly enjoy us

Set Up

Unlike other Speakers, the Sonos Playbase is easy to set up as well as use. The main intention of creating the Playbase is to go under the TV. There is little to do while trying to connect your Playbase as you don’t need to mount it on the wall.  Simply plug the speaker into the wall and connect the optical audio cable to your display. You can then proceed to complete the rest of the setup process using the Sonos app which isn’t difficult to do.

Is Sonos Playbase Worth it?

Although, Sonos doesn’t have all the features as it comes with its own flaws such as no DTS Surround Support, NO HDMI. And it is quite expensive to purchase. However, the Sonos Play base is still defiantly worth buying due to the features it provides. It has a perfect sound-enhancing solution which is one of the reasons why you need to purchase the device. Also, you can access various music and apps with the Sonos Playbase and enjoy your favorite movies with the speaker. Therefore, the Sonos is worth buying.

Is Sonos Playbase Discontinued?

Sadly, the Sonos Play base and Playbar have been discontinued and have been replaced with the ARC a Dolby Soundbar, and Beam. According to the company, the Arc and the Beam will become the two main home theaters that will be focused upon. The Two new Home Theater has a wonderful and fanatic feature which cannot be found on the Playbase. So, therefore, purchasing the Sonos Playbase is no longer possible but you can shop for its replacement which is the ARC and the Beam Sonos.

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