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Music and Movies are one of the greatest forms of entertainment in our world today Soloplay is here to give you all that. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like listening to music. This is why there are now many amazing platforms online that offer your free access to downloading all your favorite Mp3 songs Soloplay is one of them.

Soloplay - Latest Music & Video

This is one of such platform you can count on if you are searching for a place to download your favorite songs. Soloplay is an online platform that allows you to download and stream mp3 songs for free. It provides you with all the latest and freshest entertainment updates.

What is on the Platform

Soloplay was first launched in the year 2018 by Solomon Alozie Chinerem. Since then, the platform has grown so popular among online users from various parts of the world.

On Soloplay you don’t only get to listen to and download music but it also offers you various entertainment content and updates. You can stream your favorite Mp4 music video, read the latest news, and get sports updates as well as entertainment gist.

As an upcoming artist, you can make use of Soloplay to promote your songs and music videos. This platform is even considered one of the best entertainment platforms because you will find all the latest, trending, and freshest songs and entertainment updates on Soloplay.

Features of Soloplay

Soloplay offers all its users several amazing and exclusive features. The website was built with a simple and friendly user interface. You can easily navigate through the site to sort for Mp3 songs and other entertainment content due to its features.

The first notable feature of the site is its search engine. Users can easily search for music to download or stream on the site by inputting the title of the song or the artist’s name on the search bar.

The result of your search will appear on your screen for you to download or stream. Meanwhile, some other features of Soloplay include,


Soloplay has a large collection of mp3 songs from various parts of the world. You will find all the latest, trending songs to download and stream on the site. Foreign music, Ghana Music, Gospel music, lyrics, and the Album of your favorite artist are available on soloplay.


You will find music videos from your favorite artist and other top popular artists to stream on the platform. And the cool thing is that you don’t need to pay a dime before you can stream videos on the site because it is absolutely free.


Soloplay provides you with many entertainment news and updates. You can read all the trending entertainment news about your favorite celebrity on the site.


This platform provides you with trending news in Nigeria. you can read educational news, political news, entertainment news and so much more on Soloplay.


If you are a sports fan, then you need to visit Soloplay because this platform provides you with all the trending and latest Sports updates and gist. Furthermore, Soloplay provides all upcoming artists the opportunity to promote their songs and videos.

The platform is notable for promoting talented artists in Ghana, Nigeria, and Cout De Vour.  You can make your dream come true as an upcoming artist by using this platform to boost your music career, all you need to do is contact them by visiting the official website.

How to Stream Videos on Soloplay

Streaming videos on Soloplay is very easy. Videos on the platform are directly from youtube and it is totally free. But you will need a strong data or WIFI connection to stream videos on the platform. Below are the steps to stream videos on Soloplay;

  • Open your web browser
  • Visit the official website of Soloplay
  • On the homepage click on the video feature at the top of the page
  • Search for Music Videos to stream
  • Click on the video when found
  • You will then be redirected to another page
  • Navigate down and locate the “watch video below”
  • Click on the play button.

After that, the video will start playing on your device. Note, you cannot download the video into your device but can only download the mp3 format, steps on how to go about it will be provided below. Also, note that there are no movies available on the platform only music videos are available.

Soloplay MP3 Song Download

Soloplay offers you free access to downloading and streaming your favorite songs from your favorite artists. You can listen to all the song albums and Mixtapes of celebrities on the site.

There are no limits to the number of songs you can download or listen to on the site has Soloplay provides you with unlimited mp3 song-downloading features. To start downloading your favorite songs on Soloplay follow the steps below;

  • Visit the official website of Soloplay on your web browser
  • On the homepage, use the search bar to search for songs
  • Click on the song you want to download when found
  • You will be taken to another page
  • Scroll down the page and click on Download MP3
  • Then, the song will start downloading on your device

You can also click on the play icon to stream the song you wish to download before downloading it to your device. Also, you can search for songs to download using the Soloplay music genres which include Foreign, Gospel, and Ghana music. And finally, You can scroll down the download page to read the lyrics of the song you want to download.

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