Snapchat Streaks – How to Check Your Snapstreaks | Snap Streak

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What is Snapchat? It is a messaging app that we can use to do a lot of things. It is commonly used by young people. A lot of people around the world use Snapchat to chat, take pictures, and so on. Snapchat allows you to share pictures and videos and photos, it also lets you take photos using its amazing filters. However, we also want to know what streak is. Streak is the number of days two people have been sending each other snaps. As you send snaps on Snapchat, your streaks grow longer. The longer your streak gets with a particular person, it means you two are so special to each other or you are very friendly people. That’s why most young people want streaks to know how social and well they are with people.

Snapchat Streaks - How to Check Your  Snapstreaks | Snap Streak

Sincerely, Snapchat streak makes Snapchat more fun to use. The number of photos and videos you have made Snapchat is your streak. You can use your Snapchat streak to know how social and good you are at communicating. This streak makes you want to use Snapchat, you want to know how social you are so you go to Snapchat. Once you get a lot of streaks you won’t want to stop making more. Snapstreaks is one the most interesting about Snapchat. It helps you improve your communication skills and help you grow more socially. This is getting interesting, let’s talk more about this

How to Get Snapchat Streaks

Most of us don’t know how to get streaks on Snapchat. We hear people talking about it and we want to be part of it. If you are now to this or if this is the first time you are hearing of this, you are very lucky because I will be teaching you how to. Like I said before streak is between two people. This means you can’t get streaks alone, you need someone to get streaks with. These are the steps to follow to start with;

  • Ask if anyone wants to start a streak with you on your snapchat status
  • When you get a reply from someone, send photo or video snaps to the person
  • Now wait for the person to send back

Now do this every day with the person and you get more streaks. And the more you send photos and videos to friends on Snapchat and you will get a lot of streaks. The amount of streak you get depends on the number of days you have been sending snaps to each other.

How to Check My Snapchat Streaks

It is very easy to see if you have streaks is very easy; you do not need to go to a special place to check it. It is so exciting to check streaks because you want to see how social you have been that is why young people use Snapchat most. To check your streaks, all you have to do is look beside the contacts you have been sending and receiving snaps from and you will see your streaks with that person, for example: if you and your friends have been sending snaps to each other for 7 days, you will see 7 with fire emoji beside the friend’s contact. While doing all these remember to keep your data connection stable.

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