Shazam – Music Discovery & Song Lyrics

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Shazam is here to give you the best discovery of music and song lyrics just as they are been played. You will totally agree with me that someone can know a particular song from the beginning to the end without knowing the title of the song or the name of the artist that sang the song.

Shazam - Music Discovery & Song Lyrics

I am a perfect example of that and if you also fall in this category, Shazam might be of help to you. It is definitely possible for someone to know a song completely without knowing the title of the song with Shazam every info about the song is known.

Identify Songs Around You on the Go

In the sense that if a song is being played to your hearing every day, sooner or later you will be able to sing it offhand. However, you may have been searching everywhere for the song title but all to no avail. This is where Shazam comes in to give you all the info you need about a song.

Shazam is a music discovery and recognizer app that allows you to easily identify songs of different artists playing around you. With Shazam, you can get the title of a particular song in seconds and the name of the artist as well.

No one can deny the fact that music is an important aspect of entertainment. And with this music discovery app, you can identify tons of songs from your devices. With Shazam on your respective devices, you can discover any song available on different music platforms.

How Shazam Works

Discover amazing song titles and the artist’s name on Shazam within ten seconds. What it does is listen to the song you want to discover while the song is being played on that device or another device.

It captures the sound, finds a match, and sends the song title or album to you. This music discovery app helps identify music across different music platforms. It can identify songs on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and Groove Music.

Shazam helps you discover music from different artists around the world. It also allows you to read the lyrics of that particular song. After the app has listened to your song and helped you discover it, you will see the lyrics feature on the homepage.

Features of the App

The App is desgn to help music love discover info about the song they are listen to. There is also the song lyrics feature where users can get to see the song lyrics of the song. This is have the Shazam app has discover the info of the song. All you have to do is to click on it and select ‘’See Full Lyrics’’. Then the song lyrics will be displayed to you at once.

As you can see, this is really another amazing feature on this platform as you can view your favorite song lyrics without any hassle. Above all, it has a search engine that you can use to search for songs, artists, and lyrics that you care about. In the meantime, Shazam is only compatible with mobile devices and cannot be used on desktops.

If you are yet to download the music discovery app on your device, you are really missing out. You can download Shazam for iOS and Android from App Store and Google Play respectively. It is also compatible with other devices like macOS, Wear OS, and watchOS.

How To Download Shazam App

Download Shazam into any of the aforementioned apps is free and pretty easy. Get Shazam today on your device and find the name of any song and artist in few seconds.

You can start discovering songs today and your Shazams are stored into the library. To download this music discovery app into any of the aforementioned devices, kindly follow the guidelines below;

Download For Android

  • Tap to open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Enter ‘’Shazam’’ on the search bar.
  • Click the install button and launch it once it has been downloaded.

Meanwhile, Samsung users can download it from Galaxy Store if they don’t want to make use of Google Play. Whichever Store you make use of, you can download it for free and without any hassle.

Download For iPhone

  • Visit the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Tap the search icon below and make your search.
  • Input Shazam in the search field and tap ‘’Get’’
  • Launch it once it has been installed.

Shazam for MacOS

  • Visit your Mac App Store
  • Use the search bar to locate it.
  • Once you’ve found it, follow the prompts and get it.

On your Mac device, you can buy and share your favorite music from your computer and also create a personalized playlist on the go.

Auto Shazam

This is another amazing feature of this music discovery app. With this feature, you can automatically identify any music that is playing around you. You dont need to do any thing just at the check you mobile phone and the info of the song we pop up. To Auto Shazam, you have to turn on Auto Shazam in the settings.

While the feature is turned on, you can discover any music even when you switch to another app. This we keep the app runing on backgrond to make it discover song on the go. So, to Auto Shazam, open Shazam on your device, then touch and hold the Shazam button.

How to Use Shazam

Use Shazam to discover any music playing around you and listen to them right away from your respective device. Perhaps the song is playing on a TV, radio, in a store, or anywhere, identify it as soon as possible.

As stated earlier, you can identify music playing from your device and also identify songs playing from another device using this music discovery app. Identifying songs using Shazam is very much easier with the guidelines below;

  • Tap to open the Shazam app on your respective device.
  • Press the Shazam icon while a song is being played.
  • Get the song title and the artist’s name in a twinkle on an eye.

As stated earlier, all your Shazamed songs are stored in the library. There, you can access them and listen to them anytime you want. Likewise, you can view, read the song lyrics as well as watching the video.

You can do all these by clicking on the respective features. Related songs are also available at the same time and you can play all of the songs displayed.

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