Sensibo Air – Control Your Air Conditioner From Your Phone

Heard of the latest technology device called Sensibo Air. It was developed and brought down for your comfort and also saves you the stress of controlling your air conditioner. Sensibo Air helps you, by making the air conditioner in your home smart and automated. The device allows you to control your air conditioner from anywhere you are, with the help of your Smartphone. It improves the air quality in your home as it is not only a smart AC but also an indoor climate. As we all know new technology keeps coming out. And very soon the world will be full of IoT devices which means Internet of things devices.

Sensibo Air - Control Your Air Conditioner From Your Phone

The Sensibo company is the leader in home comfort and has produced devices just like the Sensibo Air and much more to make you more comfortable in your home. Sensibo Air saves you energy and also money as well because the device pays for itself. Also, it works according to the season.

For example, if it is during the summer period the Sensibo Air cools your house down before you arrive and heats your house during the winter period. The device has a lot of features you can benefit from while using the device. Read on to know about the features.

Features of Sensibo Air

Sensibo Air has a lot of features and has stated earlier that the device pays for itself in the sense that the device saves the owner up to 50 or 60% off their utility bills as the smart AC knows when to go on and when to power off. The following are the features you enjoy while using the Sensibo AC controller;

  • It is portable and of 181 grams
  • Sensibo AC controller is wifi enabled
  • It gives you more comfort and an automated AC
  • It senses the season better, it measures the temperature and humidity that is needed
  • Control your AC using your Smartphone
  • Automatically turn on/off SC by geo location
  • Smart temperature settings & 7 day scheduling
  • Compatible  with apple kit
  • Sleeker and smaller design more mounting options
  • Advanced chipset room sensor compatible
  • Connects with IoT devices like Alexa, Google Assistant and also add to Siri

These are the things Sensibo air is offering you. The device also reminds you to clean filters and to know to schedule them.

How Does Sensibo Air Work With HomeKit?

The Sensibo Air being the first smart sensing air conditioner controller can work with the Apple HomeKit. And that can be done once you download the app on your Smartphone, install it and add it to the settings of the Apple HomeKit app. however, the home kit is an application mainly for iOS and iPadOS devices which means that for the Sensibo Air to work with the home kit, you have to download on your iOS or iPadOS before linking it to the Sensibo Air.

How is Sensibo Air Powered?

Sensibo Air is powered through the use of a standard micro USB power which comes with the device when you purchase it. The device also comes with an adapter that can be used to connect to both 220v-240v and 110v-120v.

Does Sensibo AC Controller Has A Battery?

Sensibo Air does not have an internal battery. But we thought that the Sensibo Air has a built-in rechargeable battery. So this article allows you to know that the Sensibo does not have any battery but all it needs is a constant power supply.

Sensibo Air Price

It can be purchased online from websites like Amazon, Sensibo Inc., and other online websites. The color of Sensibo Air is cloud white. The price of the Sensibo Air is calculated to be $99.00.

How to Install Your Sensibo Air

To install your Sensibo AC controller, you have to install the Sensibo app on your Smartphone. The Sensibo app can be downloaded on the app store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users. The following are the ways you can install the Sensibo AC controller on your device.

  • Launch the app
  • Click on the sign up
  • Enter your details like your email, name, password, confirm again and click on the create account
  • Once you have sign up, click on add device
  • Click the add new device
  • Choose the Sensibo air
  • Plug the Sensibo air to power supply, your Sensibo will blink for a few seconds
  • Find the QR code located at the back of the Sensibo AC controller
  • Scan the Sensibo Air code and enter manually
  • Select the location, room name and temperature unit
  • Get your AC remote control
  • Pair the sensibo with your AC remote control

Then you have successfully connected your Sensibo AC controller to the Sensibo app on your IOS or android device without stress.

How Do I Convert my AC to Smart AC?

You can convert your home AC to a smart AC in a way that the Sensibo will connect to your home wifi and then intercept the air conditioner’s infrared remote control system.

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