SC Scholarship – Requirements and How to Apply

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How do I apply for the SC Scholarship or what is the requirement to qualify for the program? This article will give you in-depth knowledge of the program, application process, and requirements. If you don’t have enough funding to complete your college education, then this article is for you.

Meanwhile, the SC Scholarship is basically for South Carolina residents only. Additionally, the office of undergraduate admissions provides many merit scholarships to help make a college education affordable.

The SC Scholarship provides a number of scholarships. And you don’t have to worry about paying your tuition fee. Additionally, you have the chance to study at the best colleges or universities in the States.

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How SC Scholarship Work

The SC Scholarship was founded to help South Carolina residents afford college fees. The major aim of the program is to help high school students study in college. However, the scholarship is only available to residents of South Carolina (SC) in the United States.

The program consists of 3 programs, which include the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, the LIFE Scholarship, and the HOPE Scholarship. There are other scholarship award programs that an eligible SC resident may qualify for. Hence, the primary focus of the South Carolina sponsorship is on South Carolina residents.

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States Scholarships for SC Residents

Similarly, the states grant various types of lottery-funded scholarships to eligible South Carolina residents. Below is a listing of the scholarships that the United States awards.

  • The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  • LIFE Scholarship
  • Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship Enhancements
  • South Carolina HOPE Scholarship

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

The Palmetto scholarship is available for SC high school students who have excellent academic records. An eligible candidate who applies for this scholarship will get $6,700 for the first year and $7,000 for each of the next three years. High school students who receive the Palmetto Fellows will get a minimum $3,000 Dean’s Scholar award.

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LIFE Scholarship

The LIFE Scholarship, which stands for The Legislative Incentives for Future Excellence Scholarship, is a state-grant scholarship. Students that are awarded the LIFE program will receive $5,000 every year. To be eligible for this program, you must have a final cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above.

Alternatively, if you have an SAT score of at least 1100 in the Mathematics section and critical reading. And an ACT composite score of at least 24 or if you graduate in the top 30% of your class.

The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship

The SC Hope program is a state-awarded scholarship. Successful applicants will receive $2,800 for their freshman year only. If your final G.P.A is not a B or above, and you don’t qualify for a LIFE or Palmetto Fellows program, then you are eligible to receive the SC Hope Scholarship.

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Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship Enhancement

The Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship Enhancement are for high school students who have majors in mathematics and science. Students in this category can enroll in the Palmetto Fellows and LIFE scholarship enhancement programs.

Successful applicants will receive an enhancement award starting from their second year of enrollment. However, candidates who are eligible must have finished 14 hours in mathematics, physical or life science, or a combination of both in their first year.

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SC Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Since there are several types of scholarships available for South Carolina residents, their eligibility criteria also vary. To get the eligibility criteria, you have to visit the official website of the South Carolina Scholarship. However, these are the general criteria of the S.C. Resident.

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of South Carolina.
  • An applicant must be a senior in a South Carolina public or private high school.
  • Enroll in a degree program at an eligible SC institution.
  • Class rank
  • Top academic performance.

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How to Apply for an SC Scholarship

The high school counselor or school representative will have to fill out the application on behalf of the student. Also, the school counselor is eligible to know the student that qualifies for the scholarship.

However, in-depth information about the SC Scholarship process is available on the official website.  To apply, visit and start your application process.

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