Samsung Tab S6 – Features And Price | Galaxy Tab S6

As we all know Samsung is one of the best companies to create and provide one of the best devices used by a lot of people in the world. Samsung Tab S6 is another kind of Samsung tablet that helps and makes things easier for people to do. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an Android-based tablet that is also designed to act as a computer. This tab is movable and it comes in different sizes and colors you can choose from.

With Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, you can say you will be able to access a lot of things through it. It has a very fast network service, a long-lasting battery, a very sharp camera, and even a very amazing camera. With the Galaxy tab s6, you can bring your digital creativities to life. You can attend business and business meetings online.

Furthermore, you can trade your products online through it and even do lot more things online. On this tablet, you can have a good gaming experience because you can play games on it anytime you want. Anyone can use the Samsung Tab S6 irrespective of age. You can use it to learn, play games, do online business, and a lot more.

Features of Samsung S6

Galaxy Tab S6 comes with tons of amazing features. These features make this tablet very reliable to use and they help you to know the right phone to choose when you want to get a Samsung phone. Here I will be telling you some of you need to know;

  • OS Android- 5.0
  • RAM- 3GB
  • Storage- 32GB
  • Front camera- 5MP
  • Rear camera- 16MP
  • Battery capacity- 2550mAh
  • Display- 5.10inch
  • PSE- 7 Octa 7420
  • Weight- 138.00
  • SIM type- Nano- SIM
  • Network- 3G, 4G/LTE

There are more features of the Samsung s6 but a few are listed above. You can now get this phone in a lot of amazing colors such as black, sapphire, blue topaz, gold platinum, green, emerald, midnight black, and pearl white. And you can also get it In different sizes and models.

How Much Does Samsung Tab S6 Cost?

On the contrary, Samsung Tab S6 is very affordable to get. It comes at different prices due to the fact that it has different models. The price of the Samsung tab s6 is different countries like Ghana, China, and more. Samsung tab s6 cost ₱ 33,358.00 in the Philippines, ₱ 26,741.60 in Thailand, ₱ 37,909.63 in Malaysia, and also $379.99 in the US. There are many more countries you can get it from and at different prices. You just need to decide on the model you want and get it on any phone sure you want.

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