Rotten Tomatoes – Get Movies And TV Reviews From Critics

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Have you discovered a website that gives you hints and ratings about movies? If not, then I’ve got one for you. Rotten Tomatoes is one of the world’s most trusted recommendation resources for quality entertainment. The site provides movie lovers with a comprehensive guide to what’s fresh and what’s rotten in both theaters and at home.

Rotten Tomatoes - Get Movies And TV Reviews From Critics

If you have visited Rotten Tomatoes before, you will discover that when it comes to giving guides to what’s cool and not, it is one of the best sites on the net. One reason Rotten Tomatoes is useful is that it allows you to determine whether a particular film is worth seeing in a theater. And then you do not have to waste your money.

There are, however, different items that represent the movie percentage and ratings on this site. Some of the items include: full popcorn bucket, spilled popcorn bucket, faded popcorn bucket, checkmark icon, and more. And each of these items has a different meaning.

That we will find out before the end of this article. So, you should read on to discover how you won’t make a mistake when using the site to look for a movie you would love to watch at a cinema. Although you can still find the movie rating percent aside from the symbols, the symbols are more fun.

What Are Rotten Tomatoes Movies Percentage Based On?

For Rotten Tomatoes to rate a movie, the Tomatometer score has to be calculated. And that is basically after five reviews. So, as the reviews of the movies come in, it measures the positive against the negative. Then, after that, it gives an overall score. So, if RottenTomatoes rates a movie at 100%, it is because all the accumulated reviews for the movie are positive. Therefore, movies are rated on this site according to the aggregated reviews of the movie. Then the site would tell if the movie is positive or negative.

Movies Rating Items and Their Meanings


The Tomatometer score is calculated based on the opinions of hundreds of films and television critics. Under Tomatometer, there are three different items used to show the scores of the movies. They include a red tomato, a green splat, and an empty tomato (no Tomatometer). The red tomato means at least 60% of the reviews of the movies or TV series are positive.

The green splat means when the positive reviews of the movies are less than 60%. So, this is displayed to show the movie’s rotten status. While the last one, which is no Tomatometer, indicates that the title of the movie hasn’t been released. Or maybe enough ratings haven’t been gathered to generate a score for that particular movie.

Certified Fresh

Before a movie can get a certified fresh symbol, it means that the movie status has a special distinction. And has been awarded the best-reviewed movie or TV show. And to qualify for this, there are certain requirements that a movie must have. Some of these requirements include:

  • A consistent 75% or above Tomatometer score.
  • Up to five reviews from top critics.
  • Only individual seasons of a TV show are qualified. And each of them must have a minimum of 20 reviews.
  • Movies in limited release must possess a minimum of 40 reviews.

Lastly, if the movie is in wide release, it must have a minimum of 80 reviews. This is, however, not only for movies in wide release. But also, for movies going from limited to wide release. Once a movie has all of these requirements, it will be eligible for a “certified fresh” status on Rottentomatoes.

Audience Score

The Audience Score is measured by a popcorn bucket. The type of popcorn bucket given to a movie shows the percentage of users who have rated the movie or TV show positively. The different types of popcorn buckets include a full popcorn bucket, a tipped-over popcorn bucket, and an empty or no popcorn bucket. A full popcorn bucket means the movie or TV show star rating is at least 60% and 3.5 or higher.

This, however, shows that the movie is fresh. A tipped-over popcorn bucket shows that a movie or TV show is less than 60% and has a star rating of 3.5 or higher. While the empty or no popcorn bucket indicates that the movie or TV show doesn’t have a star rating yet, Or that the movie doesn’t have a title and enough ratings haven’t been given to generate a score.

Movies with High Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes

If a movie is rated highly on Rotten Tomatoes, it means the reviews for that movie are very positive. Either the Tomatometer or the Audience Score. Here are some of the movies with high ratings on Rottentomatoes below:

  • Navalny
  • Writing the Fire
  • Happening
  • The Summit of the Gods
  • Hive
  • Sabaya
  • This is Not a War Story
  • Luzzu
  • Paper Spiders
  • Cousins
  • The Dog Who Couldn’t Be Quiet
  • Freeland
  • The Woman Who Ran
  • The Great Indian Kitchen
  • A Crime on the Bayou
  • Born to Be
  • The Woman Who Ran
  • Coded Bias
  • His House
  • 76 Days
  • Crip Camp
  • Host
  • A Thousand Cuts
  • Mayor
  • Welcome to Chechnya
  • Suzi Q
  • White Riot
  • 17 Blocks
  • 2040
  • A Secret Love

There are still a lot more movies with a high rating on Rottentomatoes. You can visit the cinema to watch those movies and see if this site is right about the movie rating or not.

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