Rediff News – Read Indian News in Sports, Politics, Entertainment, And More | Rediff Headlines

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Do you have a mobile phone and wish to get daily updates on the happenings around you or the world?  You don’t want to be left out, this article will interest you. Rediff News provides you with breaking news, real-life updates from across India and the world. It brings the recent happenings across the world to your mobile phone. is a top leading India news website where you get India news, articles, Rediffmail business news, global news, and a lot more. Its user interface is comprehendible and divided into sections for easy usage by its user. Its divide into different sections such as headlines, columns, interviews, specials, and so on.

Rediff News - Read Indian News in Sports, Politics, Entertainment, And More | Rediff Headlines

In addition, provides reliable and trusted news from India and covers many topics, ranging from politics, sports, business, fashion, and entertainment. Most importantly it provides top Indians headlines and weekly news.  One thing I love about news from is its accuracy. Meanwhile, if you have a Rediffmail account that is a bonus for you because you can get Rediffmail news directly in your mail to access it.

Features of Rediff News

  • Rediff news is accurate and reliable.
  • You get to know about the recent happenings in India and the world.
  • Rediffmail news is free to access.
  • You don’t need to sign in or subscribe to access.
  • You get real time updates from India.
  • Access to business mails.
  • Special reports on the economy.

How to Access Rediff News

Want to learn how to receive Rediff news?  Search no more. To get news from Rediff, you have to visit the Rediff website. The website Is totally free to access, you also don’t have to subscribe or sign in. to access the website follow these steps

  • On your phone or web browser
  • Visit the web address “”
  • You will be directed to the news section
  • Tap on the category you want read

You can also get Rediff news in your inbox; just below you will see an empty box to provide your email address. A confirmation letter will be sent to your mail to complete registration.

Rediff News App for Android Users

Do you know that you can also download the Rediff News app for your Android Phone? There is no restriction with the mobile app, the app still functions the same as the website, with clear pictures and high-quality videos. You get to receive news from India and across the globe, ranging from business, sports, entertainment, top headlines, and so on. It also gives you access to news from other top sites like Reuter, CNN, Business Week, To download the app is easy and free, follow these few steps.

  • Go to your phone Play Store.
  • Search on rediff news.
  • Click on download and install.

Conclusively, you can now connect your phone to an internet connection to get news from anywhere in the world. Similarly, you can go through this process for your iPhone on your App Store.

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