Rapid! PayCard Application, Login, and Activation

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Payment is made easy with Rapid PayCard. This card offers one of the most inclusive programs that erases paper checks and enhances efficiency. Payday can be quite a task for lots of employers because they have to issue so many checks.

Rapid! PayCard Application, Login, and Activation
Rapid! PayCard Application, Login, and Activation

But Rapid! PayCard has made the job easier by providing a program that enables employers to pay their employees through its card. The card has no zero fees for card inventory. Rapid! PayCard is issued by Green Dot Bank and licensed by Mastercard, which means it is accepted virtually everywhere.

They have made payroll administration simple. Rapid! PayCard offers assistance through complete tools such as a compliance map. What’s more, the card has no fees such as card inventory, training fees, and implementation fees.

The Rapid! PayCard is a prepaid card that doesn’t require a credit check. The only documents it requires are United States residency and an identity check. It enables cardholders to receive and spend their paycheck without any stress. This card can be used at any ATM worldwide wherever Visa debit cards and MasterCard are accepted. Rapid! PayCard offers you added security and safety.

Why Should I Choose Rapid! PayCard?

Rapid! PayCard is an ideal option for payroll software companies, professional employer organizations, membership associations, and payroll providers. It gives an exclusive tool for an easy payroll system and offers assistance through compliance maps.

Rapid! PayCard offers several benefits for both employers and employees. Employers enjoy benefits such as automated care inventory for multiple location inventory control; advanced security without the need for a pricey security token; protection against fraud; and APIs that enable seamless integration with several payroll software.

Meanwhile, employees enjoy benefits such as a mobile app for Android and iPhone devices, close to real-time clearing pay at the pump without pre-authorization delay, cashback rewards; and customer service at no cost. The card is accepted everywhere Visa debit cards and MasterCard are accepted. With this card, you can pay bills online, earn interest on your savings, and earn cash back rewards.

How Does Rapid! PayCard Work?

The Rapid! PayCard delivers pay immediately on demand, allowing employees to easily access their earned wages when needed. This card has made payment much faster. Employers can easily pay their employees with easy delivery options such as on-demand pay or the option of 2 days. Rapid! PayCard allows employers to pay their employees whenever they want and however they want.

In addition, this card offers great benefits to the employer, such as increased job applicants, lower workforce absenteeism, and enhanced employee retention. Here is how Rapid! PayCard works:

  • Funds are removed from the succeeding payroll deposit.
  • Policies are in charge of frequency and access amounts.
  • Corporate payroll office demand is an everyday file interface.
  • Easy access to paid wages for employees through the web application.
  • Interact with payroll labor or time systems to monitor and value accrued labor.

Rapid! PayCard enables employers to pay instantly to any debit card, and there are retail locations for cash pickup. Cardholders can also enjoy perks with this card, such as direct deposit by loading the payroll deposit into the Rapid! PayCard by providing their employer card account and routing numbers. What’s more, cardholders can load money from approved checks with the mobile money app.

Benefits of Rapid! Paycard

The Rapid! PayCard has a lot of features that benefit both employers and employees. Here are the features of this card:

  • Easy access to wages instantly.
  • Convenient and safe transactions.
  • It allows access to early wages by company policy.
  • It provides employers with new perks, such as education and financial flexibility.
  • Online tools for hotel and airline reservations
  • Easy purchases and bill payments.
  • The fee for each transaction is only charged for used services, and the fee cap ensures a low cost.
  • Funds are credited immediately to the employee account.
  • There is no check cashing fees.

These are some of the benefits of the Rapid! PayCard.

How To Get A Rapid! Paycard

Getting a Rapid PayCard is not as straightforward as you think. You need to contact your employer before you are granted one. You can also contact the payroll department in your organization for a Rapid PayCard direct deposit form.

Rapid will issue an instant Rapid PayCard that has a Visa or Mastercard brand mark. It doesn’t have your name on it. However, when you contact customer support to activate your Rapid PayCard, you can ask them to upgrade to a personalized card with your name stamped on it for no extra fee.

When the new personalized card arrives, the instant issue card is still usable until you have activated your new Rapid personalized card.

Rapid! PayCard Direct Deposit

After getting the Rapid PayCard, you can add your direct deposit by providing your employee card account and routing numbers for your payment to be added to your Rapid PayCard. Rapid fully supports direct deposit, and direct deposit from approved checks can also be accepted through the Ingo money app.

Rapid PayCard cut the stress of paper checks with the convenience they provide. Your pay will be available by 10:00 a.m. on your payday. To check your balance, you can log in to your Rapid account on the official website.

Rapid! PayCard Login

The rapid account gives you access to check your account balance and activate your card. If you want to log into your account, you can follow the procedures below:

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website at rapudpaycard.com.
  • On the homepage, tap the Cardholder/Recipient Log In tab.
  • You will be taken to a new page.
  • Choose the cardholder login.
  • Enter your user ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Tap the LOGIN button.

And that is it. You will be taken to your Rapid PayCard account to access your account balance, transfer funds, and review transactions.

Rapid! PayCard Account Number

If you want to find your Rapid account number, you can log in to www.rapidfs.com to have access to your direct deposit account number. Alternatively, you can contact Rapid customer care service to provide your account number.

Rapid! PayCard App

Rapid has a mobile application for Android and iPhone devices. The app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Through the mobile app, you can make transactions from your Rapid Pay card to other banks, view recent transactions, and check your account balance.

Rapid! PayCard Activation

Do you want to activate your Rapid Paycard? Then follow the procedures. If you want to activate your payment card, you need to log in to your cardholder account first. Follow the procedures below:

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website, rapidpaycard.com.
  • On the homepage, tap the Cardholder/Recipient Log In tab.
  • You will be taken to a new page.
  • Tap ”Activate Card.”
  • Enter your card number.
  • Tap Continue.

Your payment card will be activated after logging into your Rapid account. You can also activate your payment card through text by texting your account number to 90831.

Rapid! PayCard Activation Number

If you don’t have a rapid account, you can activate your card by calling customer care service and dialing 1.877.380.0980 to activate your payment card for you. You can also ask customer care to personalize your payment card with your name on it.

Rapid! PayCard Customer Service

Rapid customer care support is available 24/7. If you need any help, such as activation of a payment card or another related issue, you can reach out to their customer care service, The number is available on the official website.


Can I Add Extra Funds to My Rapid! PayCard?

Yes, you can. The Rapid PayCard can be used with a new employer and to register for a direct deposit payment. In addition, you can direct deposit your Social Security benefit, other payments, military funds, and tax refund right into your Rapid PayCard.

When Will My Payroll Be Available on My Rapid PayCard?

All deposits will be available on the morning of payday at exactly 10:00 am. You can login to your rapid account to check your balance or call the customer care line.

Can I Transfer Money From A Rapid PayCard To A Bank Account?

Yes, you can. It is very possible to transfer money from your Rapid Pay card to another bank account. Once you have the mobile app, you can transfer the money.

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