Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card – Apply for PB-AIA Visa Gold Credit Card

On the contrary, the Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card is created by the Public Bank AIA Visa Gold. While you have this Public Bank AIA credit card, cardholders have the ability or privilege to enjoy low and competitive Interest rates. Also, the most interesting part of the card is that it has flexible repayments.

Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card - Apply for  PB-AIA Visa Gold Credit Card

Furthermore, the Public Bank is a bank that helps users create a current account and let you have access to many banking services such as credit cards, investment, loans, insurances, and a lot more. However, public bank aia credit card is not the only credit card offered, there are variety of credit cards to apply for that includes the following:

  1. PB World MasterCard Credit Card
  2. PB Visa Signature Credit Card
  3. Public Islamic Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card
  4. PB Quantum Credit Cards
  5. PB Visa Platinum Credit Card
  6. Mutual Gold PB Visa Platinum Credit Card
  7. PB Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
  8. Mutual Gold-PB Visa Platinum Credit Card
  9. PB Visa Gold Credit Card
  10. Public Islamic Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card
  11. PB Gold MasterCard Credit Card
  12. PB-Petron Visa Gold Credit Card
  13. PB-AIA Visa Gold Credit Card

Public Islamic Bank Visa Gold Credit Card, Public Islamic MasterCard Gold Credit Card, PB Visa Classic Credit Card, and a lot more. These are all the cards found on the platform. In the meantime, Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card stands as an exceptional card payment with amazing benefits.

Benefits of Public Bank AIA Credit Card

Moreover, this Public Bank AIA Card is an amazing card in which it has an unlimited 0.2% Cash Rebate for every Ringgit charged to your card for AIA Insurance premiums. Some other benefits you will attain while using the Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card are:

  • It has no annual fee attached to it, which means your card can be used for life without having to pay a yearly fee.
  • You will enjoy Cash Rebate & Cash Mega Bonus.
  • The PB-AIA Visa Gold Credit Card has contactless technology that helps you make purchases very fast and safely.
  • The PBB AIA Credit Card also has a 24/7 help desk which is always there to assist you anytime and day.
  • You have 24/7 access to your account. It can be accessed anywhere from where ever you are in the world.

Lastly, the Public Bank Credit Card AIA has an Unlimited Cash Mega Bonus of 0.1 % on both local and overseas retail purchases. Although, the benefits are not much, but it always appreciated by the Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card holders.

How to Apply for PB-AIA Visa Gold Card

However, if you want to apply for the PBB Credit Card application, you must be at least 18 years of age your minimum income must be at least RM24000. If you have these requirements, then follow the steps that will be listed below:

  1. On your device browser, go to
  2. From the categories of cards that are listed on the card’s application website, select PB-AIA Visa Gold.
  3. Scroll to the personal information section and enter your details like Title, Name to Appear on Card, Name (as per NRIC/Passport). Nationality / Citizenship, NRIC, Passport Number (for Non- Malaysian). Country of birth, Date of birth, No of people that are Dependents on you financially, Sex, Marital Status, Mother’s maiden name, Race, Email address.
  4. Tick the “Yes” box if you are related to any Director / Staff of Public Bank. Tick the “No” box if you don’t.

After you Tick the “Yes” icon, then provide the Director / Staff’s Name and state your relationship with the person. Meanwhile, if you tick the “No” button, no need to fill just click on the Next Icon. With a few more after you click on the Next icon, your Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card application will be successfully created.

How to Login to AIA Public Bank Credit Account

This AIA Public Bank Visa Gold Credit Card login page, meant for those that have successfully gone through the Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card application process. You can’t access this page if you haven’t applied for the AIA Public Bank credit card application in the past. To gain access, the steps are:

  1. Go to the Public Bank login Page
  2. Enter your User ID
  3. Click on the Next button

After you click on the Next button, you will be taken to another login page. Whereby you will be asked to enter your Password. Click on “Login” after entering your password. However, if you forget your Username or Password, you can recover it by clicking on the Forgot Password of User ID button. After that, follow the screen steps to finish the recovery of your login credentials.

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