Pinterest Marketing Business – How Do I Promote My Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is that fun platform where people plan unrealistic weddings, right? They can do that, but they can also do more. They look for recipes, plan their homes and so much more. There are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest. However, business users use the Pinterest platform marketing to communicate with customers and prospects and grow an engaged following. Moreover, companies typically do this through a combination of organic posts and paid ads that drive users off-platform to a specific piece of content or landing page.

Pinterest Marketing Business -  How Do I Promote My Business on Pinterest

Once you add Pinterest to your business marketing, you may find that you need expert or assistance creating images, content, or managing your overall Pinterest marketing. Although, business uses Pinterest as part of their marketing by creating or curating content (called pins). Also, posting it to a specific online pinboard (called a board) for the promotion of their brand, products, services, or something similar. Moreover, these pins become searchable by Pinterest users who can click on a pin and expand it into a full image (called a close up) with a caption and comments. Therefore, if the user likes the imagery and information, they can save It or repin it to a board of their own.

How Do I Promote My Business on Pinterest

On the contrary, using Pinterest for business requires setting up a business Pinterest account. As well as, adding your business description, creating a customer profile, setting up your pinning calendar, and analyzing your results. These are a few steps on how to market your business Pinterest?

  • Set up your Pinterest business account: navigate and select signup. This will direct you to a form that will ask you to enter your email, password, and business name.
  • Complete your business profile: once you’ve created a new business account, you will want to add your website and location and then write your business description. This key to ensuring that your account is discoverable and looks legitimate to users on Pinterest.
  • Enter your website URL: you’ve already entered your business information, but now you are adding what will be seen publicly. Add your business’s website link in your profile; usually, this is a link to your website’s homepage, but you can also be to your blog or a service page.
  • Describe your business: in the description box, you will want to spend some time describing clearly what your business does, using words that your ideal audience will likely search for when looking for your products or services. Be clear and concise.
  • Explore Pinterest to determine content possibilities
  • Create your Pinterest goals
  • Define your Pinterest audience

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