Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

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Are you an international student studying in the USA and are you in search of part-time jobs for foreigners? With so many financial expenses such as tuition fees, transportation, accommodation fees, living expenses, and more, you will need a part-time job to sort out your finances.

Applying for a part-time job can enable you to earn extra cash. It also provides you with a broader understanding of student culture and life. On the internet today, there are several part-time jobs in the USA for foreigners. So, finding a part-time job isn’t difficult.

You can find part-time jobs for foreigners in the USA on and off-campus. However, before selecting a part-time job, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Firstly, you should select a part-time job that works with your personal and academic schedule. Your job should have little impact on your education.

In addition, you should know the law in the country of study. And if your visa has a limit to the number of hours you can work. When it comes to work opportunities for overseas students, many countries have different restrictions. So, it’s imperative to analyze them before applying for jobs.

Top 8 Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

After carefully doing research, we have compiled the top 8 best and highest paying jobs in the United States for foreigners. You can apply for any of the positions based on your choice. Below are the top 8 best and highest paying part-time jobs for foreigners in the USA.


Receptionists work in a wide range of venues. Answering phones and emails, assisting clients with appointments, greeting clients, data entry, and taking messages for essential staff are just a few of the responsibilities and duties of a receptionist.

One of the basic requirements to become a receptionist in the USA and across the world is having good communication and organizational skills. With at least a high school diploma, you can qualify for this position at most companies in the state. Based on our research, the average salary for a receptionist is $14.9 per hour.

Assistant Librarians

International students studying in the United States can apply for one of the most popular on-campus jobs known as Assistant Librarians. As a library assistant, your duties and responsibilities include maintaining an orderly and quiet environment in the college library.

You can also use the opportunity to read for your examinations ahead. As a library assistant, you can earn up to $13.25 per hour.

Personal Shopper 

Another popular part-time job you can apply for in the USA is a personal shopper job. The duties and responsibilities of a personal shopper are to help individuals and families buy items and products from grocery stores.

To effectively and efficiently carry out this job, it is important that you build a strong relationship with your customer and also be loyal to them. Make sure to shop for high-quality items and products, and learn to deliver on time.

Applying for a personal shopper job is easy. There are several apps and websites that most employees’ personal shoppers use. You can earn an average of $14.5 per hour as well as other little tips.

Customer Service Representatives

Another part-time job for foreigners in the United States is Customer Service Representative. Your duties and responsibilities include communicating with customers on behalf of the firm or organization through calls, emails, website or mobile chat, or in person.

You are to make sure that every customer issue is addressed and feedback is sent to the appropriate team. One of the qualities of a good customer service representative is that they have good communication skills. The average salary you can earn is $14.9 per hour.

Sales Representatives

Supermarkets and stores in the United States are always in search of a good and competent sales representative. As a sales representative or assistant, your duties are to help the store or supermarket sell their products and items, direct customers to different sections of the supermarket, and more.

You can find part-time jobs in the USA as a sales representative in different stores, even around your location. The average salary of a sales representative in the United States is $20.00 per hour.

Delivery Driver

If you have a valid driver’s license, you can apply for a part-time job as a delivery driver for top delivery companies in the United States. Your duties include picking up orders and delivering the items safely to the destination or address provided. You can earn an average salary of $17.50 per hour as a delivery driver.

Research Study Assistant

International students who are academically gifted or who desire to perform research can get well-paying part-time employment as research study assistants. This position, unlike others, is dependent on your department.

For example, if you work in the science department, you might be responsible for doing scientific research, marinating lab equipment, and other tasks. You can earn an average salary of $15.48 or more as a research study assistant for your college.

Tour Guide

In the United States, campus visits are a common activity for incoming freshmen and applicants, as well as their parents. Because American universities are so large and have so much historic architecture, guided and paid tours are just a means to get a better understanding of the campus.

Once you are familiar with your school, you can start this position in your second, third, or fourth year. However, you will have to report to your college’s Admissions Department in this position.

You must be outgoing and friendly to give group and personal tours. Also, talk to potential students about everything the college has to offer. A tour guide is a good job to consider. The average salary you can earn is $15.00 and above.

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