Opus Credit Card – How to Apply for Opus Credit Card

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Opus credit card is a card issued by New Day Ltd. This credit card is a card for all your credit essentials. From money transfers that allows you to cash from your credit card, to building your credit rating when you properly manage your finances, opus has all it requires to keep your movies. Meanwhile, the opus card is issued within the Mastercard network. This means it is a Mastercard and it also comes with Mastercard benefits which makes it accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Opus Credit Card - How to Apply for Opus Credit Card

The opus Mastercard is designed to help you manage your life ranging from money transfers to text reminders that keeps you on track. Opus Mastercard helps you move from one day to the next. Consequently, opus credit card offers flexible repayment dates in case you are short on money when the repayment date is due. Just like other credit cards, opus offers great perks and benefits to cardholders. Normally, using your credit card to withdraw is a bad idea with most credit card issuers charging a high fee and higher rate of interest for this privilege. So, opus credit card intends to provide a way around this by providing the needful to transfer money from your credit card to your bank account. Which gives you greater control of how to use your credit.

How Opus Credit Card Works

Actually, the opus Mastercard is designed for those who find it difficult to get accepted for a credit card, such as those who are new to the United Kingdom, self-employed, on a low income, or with no or bad credit. The opus credit card charges no annual fee and offers an initial credit limit from £250- £1,200 but could be increased providing you prove you can responsibly manage the balance on your credit. It offers up to 48 days interest free each billing period but could be charged a fee of £12 if you make a late payment. Also, it has a representative APR of 39.9% and the minimum credit limit is £250. Depending on your credit financial situation, representative APR variable ranges from 39.9%-69.9%.

A minimum monthly payment of 1% or £5 whichever is greater or the total of any interest. Default fees and charges including 1% of the outstanding balance. Besides, there is balance transfers of 35.39% and balance transfer fee of 3%. 35.95 % is charged on all purchases while the foreign transaction charge is 2.95%.

Opus Mastercard Benefits

The opus credit card offers fascinating benefits and perks ranging from money transfers that allows you to cash from your credit card. As well as building your credit rating when you manage your finances responsibly. Hence, these are some of what it offers;

  • It is suitable for those with low credit cards.
  • Opus does not charge an annual fee.
  • It allows you control your payments and manage your finances conveniently with online tools for account holders.
  • Since it is a Mastercard, it is accepted in over 36 million places across the globe wherever the Mastercard is accepted.
  • Opus has an app which allows you manage your account on the go.
  • With the opus card, you can directly transfer cash into your bank account with a money transfer.
  • You’ll get text alerts that reminds you of your payment.

These are some of the benefits of the opus card you’ll get to enjoy as a cardholder.

How to Apply for Opus Credit Card

When you apply for the opus credit card, you’ll stand a chance to enjoy the benefits listed above. However, being turned down when applying for a credit card won’t affect your credit score. So, opus realized that it will be very ok if you are able to check your eligibility status before applying. As a result, the opus FastCheck was introduced. Hence, to be on the safe side, you should endeavor to check your eligibility before applying;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the opus card website.
  • On the homepage, scroll down and click on the Check Eligibility button.
  • On the application page, start by entering information about yourself such as; last name, title, first name, date of birth and marital status.
  • Next, enter your contact details such as email address and mobile number.
  • Then enter your residential status, post code, and the period of time you’ve used at your current residence.
  • Click on your employment status and enter your annual income, monthly accommodation, your essentials living cost each month.
  • Also, click on the number of people that are financially dependent on you.
  • Answer if you expect your financial situation to change in the near future.
  • Pick either cash withdrawal or money transfer for immediate transfer.
  • Choose how you’d like to be informed about these offers.
  • Finally, click on the Check My Eligibility button to check if you are eligible.

Opus will let you know if you are eligible without affecting your credit score. It’s very easy and you will get a response in less than one minute. And immediately you are approved, you can apply for any opus credit card of your choice.

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