Online Businesses for Students

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Online Businesses for Students – As a student schooling in Nigeria, one of the ways to survive the campus haggles and struggles is to start an online business. If you are looking for ideas on the kinds of businesses you could start as a student. I implore you to read through this article. As here I would be enlightening you on some good online businesses for students.

Online Businesses for Students

It is no longer news in Nigeria that being a student is now way beyond attending classes and getting good grades. Yes! You now need to earn even if it’s a little to support your parents and get more aside from the school fees given to you by your parents. So, to earn, you can start an online business to work flexibly and also give you time to focus on your education. Are you interested in working online now? Read further for some online business ideas.

6 Best Online Businesses for Students

There are so many online businesses you could try out as a student. And some of them would be listed for you right here in this section of this article. So, without further ado, let’s explore some nice businesses to try out even while in school.

Digital Marketing

In your comfort zone, digital marketing as an online business can let you make more income as a student in Nigeria. Digital marketing work is to make money doing ads for business that needs to advertise their services or products.

Social Media Influencer

Another thing you can do as a student to earn while schooling is to be a social media influencer. As an influencer, you can advertise for brands, and help them reach their products to thousands of other users. However, to be an influencer, there is a certain amount of followers you are required to have on your social media account. Once you have that, you can get offers from brands to advertise their products and more.

Professional Blogging

Professional blogging is yet another online business a student can go into in Nigeria. It is a very reliable and legit business that you can start making income in a short time. And even millions depending on how good you are. Understand that professional blogging is different from mere blogging.

Going further, you do not just blog as a professional blogger because you are a satisfying content writer and you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, you have to do all the necessary findings you need to do to make your blog an excellent blog before you even start writing.

Graphics Designing

As a student in Nigeria, if you are skilled in the graphics design field. This online business should be the best online business you can ever do. You can actually meet so many clients online, make designs for them, and get your money. As a graphic designer, you can earn about #200,000 to #500,000 monthly. Provided you are well-skilled and your designs are unique.

Online Tutoring

In Nigeria, online tutoring is also one of the genuine online businesses you can take up as a student. As a service rendering business, it is quite contrasting from physical tutoring because it is profitable. A teaching skill is needed from you so as to input knowledge to the learners or the receiver or even children without stress. Most children are trying their possible best to pass their promotional examinations; you can teach them online and make your own money.

Make Money on WhatsApp

Without a doubt, 99.9% if not 100% of student in Nigeria is on WhatsApp. This is the best online business you can ever do as a student in Nigeria. What you can always do online on WhatsApp to fetch money as a student in Nigeria is Drive traffic to blogs, Refer your friends to apps, Using pay per downloads, Promote your personal product, Promote affiliate links, Start WhatsApp marketing, start a drop shipping business, Driving subscribers to YouTube, and Making Money with YSense.


In the meantime, one of the best ways you can make money as a student in Nigeria is through online business. This is because it is easier and can be done remotely. Online business will give time to study as a student even while you are working. In addition, some of the listed businesses above do not require money to start them. But will require patience and time.

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