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The Newsfeed on Facebook is actually a center column of a Facebook user’s home page. This is a process that shows updates from the people and pages that user follows on Facebook. On the Facebook, Newsfeed platform. This is where all users on the platform commented on any piece of content been posted on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Newsfeed on Facebook - How do I get to Newsfeed on Facebook | Newsfeed Today

The Newsfeed on Facebook social media networking site is a list of updates on your own Facebook homepage. This will show all updates about those people who are on your Facebook friend list page. The news feed is actually a collection of events from your friend’s own Feed that is intended to give you a quick look. This is a look at what your friends have been doing on Facebook. On who posted it and what type of content it is whether a photo or video

How to Use Facebook Newsroom or Newsfeed

On the Facebook social media platform, actually you making use of Facebook is not as easy as you seem. A lot of people on the Facebook social media platform are been embarrassed that they barely know how to use Facebook. Facebook users know that the box bar on the Facebook page is where you type in status messages. You can upload photos and videos to share with friends which actually serve them as their Newsfeed.

On the Facebook homepage, profile and timeline pages or the Newsfeed and wall appearing on those pages need to know. Basics include figuring out where your messages show up for others and determine who can see which parts of your Facebook activity. There are a few features you need to know what the News Feed is all about. Here below is what you should know.

  • Publisher Box: the blank “status” update box is used for typing in text updates, sharing Web links and other media.
  • Homepage & News feed. It displays as a “News Feed” of updates about what your friends are saying and doing on Facebook in the middle column.
  • Timeline/profile/wall: it displays your personalized “Wall” of content in a reverse record of events Timeline in the middle column.

These are the few features you need to know on the Newsfeed Facebook social media platform. The key is to understand what you are looking at when you view your homepage and your profile/Timeline pages on the Facebook social networking platform.

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