Neiman Marcus Credit Card – Incircle Apply Now at Neiman Marcus | Benefits of Neiman Credit Card

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There are several credit cards out today and they are issued by different banks. Credit card is a small rectangular plastic card issued out by a bank to users to enable them pay merchants for goods and services. Based on the card user promise to pay them for the amount with other agreed charges. As I have said, there are different credit cards today but the one we’ll be discussing in this article is the Neiman Marcus credit card. The Neiman Marcus credit card is a store credit card issued by Capital One Bank.

Neiman Marcus Credit Card - Incircle Apply Now at Neiman Marcus | Benefits of Neiman Credit Card

The Neiman Marcus capital one store branded card allows you earn reward when you shop at Neiman Marcus. And not only at Neiman Marcus but also at last call, Horchow, and Bergdorf goodman for no annual fee. If you spend at least $1,000 per annum you can take benefit of a two-day delivery for online orders. Also, this credit card offers 5,000 bonus incircle points on the day of account opening and purchases on the same day to cardholders. Cardholders will not be charged for any foreign transaction fees and users also get two in circle points for almost every dollar by using the private label credit card.

How Neiman Marcus Credit Card Works

Furthermore, when you have a Neiman credit card, you’ll enjoy rewards, perks and benefits simply by shopping with Neiman credit card. Unlike other credit cards, Neiman credit card does not charge an annual fee. This fascinating feature is a better option for those looking for a low maintenance card. It simply offers you the benefit of a credit card and you don’t have to pay a yearly fee for that privilege. Meanwhile to get this credit card, your credit score should be up to 670. In addition, 10,000 points get you a $100 point card for shopping, no merchandise exclusion. It purchases APR variable is up to 27.74%. On the contrary, Neiman Marcus credit Card does not offer a rewards program or cashback. This is one of the major drawbacks of the Neiman credit card. As a result, it is not a suitable option for those with fair to poor credit.

Also, it does not come with an introductory APR offer for balance transfers. You wont also earn rewards on every purchase. On the other hand, you’ll earn a signup bonus of 5,000 points that can be redeemed for perks, gifts, and travel. Above all, Neiman Marcus credit Card reports your account activity to three credit bureaus agencies which are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. 

Benefits of Neiman Credit Card

If you are the type that enjoy shopping at Marcus, then it’s high time you get in on the savings and benefits of the Neiman Marcus credit card. It offers some amazing benefits when you shop at one of the stores or online. Hence, here are of the benefits of this credit card you can enjoy as a cardholder;

  • You’ll earn incircle gift points.
  • It offers you a free 2-day shipping.
  • When you open an account and make a purchase within one month, you get 5,000 incircle bonus points.
  • With this credit card, you won’t be charged an annal fee.
  • Incircle concierge.
  • You can also earn perk cards and use them towards store services.
  • After getting 10,000 in circle points, you’ll get $100 point card.

Also, these benefits extend to Horchow and last call, Bergdorf, and goodman.

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Application

Applying for the Neiman Marcus credit card is very easy. Follow these simple steps below to apply for the card;

  • Visit the Neiman Marcus credit card application page.
  • Start by entering your information such as your first name, middle name, last name, suffix, email address, residential address, Apt, Unit or Suite Number.
  • Primary phone number, date of birth, social security number [SSN],
  • Enter your financial information which include;
  • Do you own or rent your home?
  • Monthly house payment [$]
  • Total annual income [$].
  • Lastly, click on the Continue button.

With two more steps to go, you will complete your application process.

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