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Editing audio files, from other platforms, cannot be more entertaining than doing so from Mp3Tag. You probably might have heard of this audio file editor and you don’t exactly know how to use it. If you fall under this category, then you’re on the right track all you need to do is read this article till the end. What is Mp3Tag? MP3Tag an online freeware tag editor that allows you to edit the metadata of your audio file. In addition, MP3Tag editor is a powerful tool and is very easy to use. The freeware tool is mainly for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. However, the Mp3tag App is also available for android and iOS users.

Mp3Tag - Download MP3 Tag for Windows and Mac | MP3 Tag

Furthermore, Mp3Tag is one of the best online automatic tag editors. Many musicians, DJs, podcasters, etc. Use the free online tool in handling all their audio files. Mp3tag has also received countless awards for its good work. Also, the software program supports batch tag editing for many files at once. Such tag formats include ID3v1,1D3v2.3, iTunes Mp4, Vorbis, WMA, and even APE Tags. It also covers various audio formats which include MP3, AAC, FLAC, MP4, WAV, and AIF. The features of the mp3 tag software are quite extensive. You can check the outlines below for more features.

Features of Mp3Tag

Meanwhile, Mp3tag is known as a universal tag editor. The online best tag editor is used by many individuals from various parts of the world. This because of all its unique and outstanding features. The platform has also received a lot of good reviews from its users worldwide. This is because MP3Tag keeps upgrading and updating its version, to meet the taste of its users. Below, are the features of the Mp3Tag download:

  • It supports online database lookups from Discogs, MusicBrainz, etc. And also, allows you to automatically gather proper tags and download cover art for your music library.
  • MP3Tag allows you to rename files based on the tag information
  • It enables you to replace words in tags and characters.
  • You can import or export tag information
  • Automatic access to create Playlist
  • Full Unicode support

Also, the Mp3 tag can combine a set of actions into macro and perform all the actions with just a mouse click. According to research and test carried out, mp3tag has performed better than other audio file editors. Another amazing thing is that all these features can be accessed on your Microsoft Windows and macOS for free.

Mp3Tag Audio Formats

The mp3 tag support quite a lot of audio formats, below are the audio formats the online free editor tool supports;

  • Direct stream Digital Audio
  • Advanced Audio Coding
  • Monkey Audio
  • Free lossless Audio Codec
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • Speex
  • WavPack
  • True Audio
  • Windows Media Audio
  • WAV

Aside from the above listed audio formats the tag tool supports. Others includes, Matroska, IETF Opus, Apple Lossless Audio Codec, MPEG layer and so much more.

Mp3Tag Download

In this part of the article, we will be looking at how to download the mp3tag software on your Windows and macOS. The downloading process is quite easy and simple to go about. However, the MPs tag for Mac was just recently released and can be downloaded on the Mac store or FastSpring. Also, the developer is offering all Mp3 tag Mac users a free 7 days trial version and you also opt in for the paid version too. Meanwhile, below are the download process for each;

Mp3 Tag for Windows

  • Go to website official website
  • Click on the download feature at the top of the homepage
  • Scroll down, and click on MP3tagV307setup.exe
  • Then, immediately the Mp3Tag will start downloading on your window
  • Launch and open the App to complete the process

Mp3 Tag Download for Mac

  • Click on download at the official homepage of MP3Tag
  • Scroll down and click on MP3Tag for macOS
  • You will then, be redirected to the next page
  • Tap on GET at the top of the page
  • Then, Click on Download
  • Immediately, it will be downloaded on your Mac. You can install and open the App to complete the process.

In conclusion, Following the above process you will be able to download the Mp3 Tag on your system with ease. I do hope , this article has been really helpful and has provided you with all the essential information about the Mp3 tag Pro exe for mac and  Microsoft windows.

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