Messenger App On Facebook – Use Messenger on Facebook | Fb Messenger

Facebook Messenger: Messenger is a quick messaging application owned by Facebook. It was launched in August 2011, taking over the Facebook Chat. The two apps are closely related when it comes to their functionality. However, Messenger is modified to send online messages, photos, videos, emojis, etc. instantly. It is controlled by Facebook Inc. Facebook is a completely packaged application with a Facebook access point including online chat. While Messenger App is an online chat app not having the whole of Facebook features. It just notifies you about new messages and updates.

Messenger App On Facebook - Use Messenger on Facebook | Fb Messenger

Facebook Messenger, updates come with a special feature of sending money to friends within the app. You can as well get weather updates and place product orders with the assistance of Facebook Bots. Quick ride features with transportation companies like Uber and Lyft are also included in the app.

Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is packed with a lot of special features. The features on the Facebook messenger app allows internet user of any kind to have access to it. It is not mandatory you have a Facebook account before exploring the special features on the Facebook messenger app. The fact that you haven’t created a Facebook account doesn’t mean no way to the Facebook messenger world. Here are some of the features of the Facebook messenger;

Sending Text, Video, and Picture:

Messenger is modified to be a messaging app for two or more people or a group. It can also send videos and pictures. Facebook messenger contains lots of in-built emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Typing Indicator is another useful feature in Messenger. It allows you to know when a person typing and also a Timestamp which allows you to know when a message sent.

Making Voice or Video Calls:

Facebook messenger allows audio and video calls from both the Messenger app and the website. On the Messenger platform, the Phone icon, for voice call, while the Camera icon meant for face-to-face video calls.

Sending Money:

Facebook messenger helps its users to send money to people using just your debit card information. Accessed both on the messenger mobile app and website. On your computer, to access this feature you will see the Send Money button while on the mobile app, you will see Payments button to access this feature either to send or request for money.

Play Games:

Messenger provides easy access to play games within its platform either on the mobile app or website. You do not require downloading a third-party game app to play with other messenger users.

Messenger’s built-in Location-sharing feature only supports in the Facebook Messenger mobile app. That helps your receiver follow up your location for about an hour. Instead of using a third-party app to show your receiver where you are.

How to Open Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger use together with Facebook on your computer, using Or open it using the mobile Messenger app on both Android and iOS devices. The iPhone supports the Facebook messenger app, it also works on the Apple Watch.

To use Facebook messenger, you must have owned a Facebook account. You can either register an account using the Facebook mobile app or by going to However, if you already own a Facebook account. You can go ahead to download the Facebook Messenger application from the Google Play store for Android devices, App Store for iOS devices, or by going to the official website

How to use Facebook Messenger Bots

The new Bot feature is easy to use. Simply open a new message thread and carry out a search for the bot of your choice or add the website’s link. For instance, if you choose Pizza, you can send a message that you are hungry. Then the bot will take your order. There are bots for companies like eBay, CNN, Expedia, and many more with additional options added daily. Simply follow the conversation to complete your task. You can get updates on the Stock market, Weather, Plan out vacations, and chat with customer support.

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