MediaMonkey – Download Media Monkey For Android and Windows

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Do you need a media player to manage your songs and videos, on a PC and mobile device? And you’re wondering what digital media player can I use? It is no doubt, that there are thousands of media player on the internet today. And it is totally normal to be confused, about which to use or which not to use. But I bring you a perfect suggestion, MediaMonkey. What is Media Monkey? This is a digital media player, that helps to manage, organize your music and video libraries. It can be accessed on your Pc, iOS, and your android devices.

MediaMonkey - Download Media Monkey For Android and Windows

Furthermore, MediaMonkey portable can manage over 100,000+ audios and video files, Audiobooks, podcasts, classical, etc. And, it doesn’t matter whether it is on a network, hard drive, cloud, or recorded from your CDs. You can easily navigate through, by Artist, Composer, Genres or Folder. You need not panic while searching for your audio or video files because MediaMonkey will help you manage them. The MediaMonkey is available for free to everyone. But to unlock the additional features of the Media Monkey pro such as Advanced auto playlist, multiple collections, etc. you need to opt-in for the MediaMonkey gold Premium.

MediaMonkey Gold

Media monkey as earlier stated offers you a free feature, which is also amazing. However, in this segment of the article, we will be taking a deeper look at the MediaMonkey gold and all its features. Media monkey gold comes with a lot of additional features, for better usage of the media player. A one version license costs $24.95 while a lifetime version costs $49.95. you might find it quite expensive, but not to worry let look at the features of the MediaMonkey gold

Features of Media Monkey Gold

  • Upgrading to the gold version, allows you to organize files automatically. You can rename your audio or video file on your hard drive, in a logical hierarchy of your choice.
  • With the Gold version, you get a larger media library. It gives you all the tools to manage your movies and music collections.
  • You can create an advanced auto playlist that automatically generates a music mix to suit your mood.

Also, upgrading to the MediaMonkey Pro allows you to automatically sync, share and also convert tracks. You also get professional quality ripping in consumer-friendly software. The features of the gold version are so much, you can search online for more.

Media Monkey Download

The award-winning digital media player, for your movies and music, is pretty easy to download. As earlier, stated you can download the media monkey on your Android, iOS/iPhone, and Windows.

MediaMonkey Android

  • Go to your Google play store
  • Search for the MediaMonkey App
  • Click on Install
  • Then, launch the App on your Device

MediaMonkey 5 for Windows

  • Locate your Windows web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • At the top of the homepage, click on Windows
  • Scroll down, and click on the Free Download V5
  • Then, launch and grant the app permission on your Window.

Note: If you want to opt-in for the Gold Version. Click on either Version 5 Gold or Lifetime Gold, instead of the Standard version (Free Download V5).

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