Landstar Owner Operator Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

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Are you a professional owner operator searching for jobs with visa sponsorship? Search no more; you can apply for owner-operator jobs today with Landstar. The best part is that you also stand the chance of getting a Visa Sponsorship to any country of your choice.

Landstar is one of the top companies hiring foreign owner-operator workers globally. They also provide their employees with the freedom they need. As a Landstar Owner Operator, you can control and manage your earnings with ease.

In addition, Landstar offers owner-operators various driving opportunities that suit their lifestyle and goals. You have the opportunity of selecting your preferred freight type and also work based on your schedule.

As a foreigner, you can apply for owner-operator jobs with visa sponsorship on Landstar via their web portal. Or you can contact an agent to help you through the process. However, it is important you meet the qualifications and requirements before applying.

Landstar Owner Operator Jobs With Visa Sponsorship
Landstar Owner Operator Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Who is An Owner Operator?

If you don’t exactly know who an owner-operator is and what their job entails. An owner-operator is a truck driver who works for themselves and owns and manages their own commercial hauling vehicle. Owner-operators are self-employed individuals who have the freedom to choose their own schedules and bosses.

Most owner-operators first obtain experience driving for trucking businesses as company drivers. Some of the duties of an owner-operator include driving and delivering items safely. Obeying the laws and policies of the company, loading, and unloading cargo, planning routes, maintaining the vehicles, and a lot more.

Landstar Trucking Jobs Overview

Founded in 1968, Landstar is a top transportation company with over 11,000 independent owner-operators. Landstar has been able to help foreign owner operators in USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico and other parts of the world apply for jobs.

It is the third freight operator in the United States of America. In Landstar, owner-operators are referred to as “Business Capacity Owners” (BCOs). It has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. They offer scholarships in addition to sponsorship to qualified applicants.

Additionally, Landstar has a nonprofit benevolence fund to help all operators. Once you meet the requirements and qualifications of the firm, you will be approved and selected. You can contact the company’s customer support team for help regarding how to apply.

As mentioned above, interested applicants can start their applications from the comfort of their homes. You must be an owner-operator with a Class-A CDL with a hazmat endorsement and at least one year of verified OTR driving experience in order to work for Landstar.

Either furnish your own trailer or rent one from your home agency. Lastly, you must provide all the relevant documents to successfully complete your application.

Landstar Owner Operator Salary With Visa Sponsorship

The average salary of a Landstar Owner Operator depends on the cargo you are hauling. But based on research, an owner-operator can earn up to $141,705 a year. However, an applicant must have the qualifications and experience needed.

Your salary can also be determined based on your selected location and schedule. You can also access other benefits aside from a competitive salary. Check out the next outline for reasons why you should consider applying for Owner Operator Jobs on Land Star.

Why Should I Apply for Owner Operator Jobs on Landstar?

There are so many benefits to applying for owner-operator jobs with Land Star. With so many benefits, we will be outlining the top five benefits. Here are the benefits of applying for owner-operator jobs:

Seasonal Payment

One of the benefits of applying for owner-operator jobs on Land Star is that you get access to seasonal pay. Every week, Land Star owner-operators get a percentage pay settlement for items delivered for the week.

Access to Complete Freedom

Unlike other companies, Land Star offers its owner-operators 1005 Freedom. This enables them to select their loads and location. You also have the power to control your earnings under this package.

Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchase Program Benefit

Also known as LCAPP, the Land Star Contractor Advantage Purchase Program can be accessed by all owner-operators. Under this program, you can get fuel, tires, and a variety of other discounts. Based on the company’s website, over 9,000 employees use this benefit to secure valuable discounts on items. LCAPP is one of the most popular benefit programs in the company.

Alerts on Loads

Land Star has a technology which is known as Load Alerts. This helps owner-operators set their load alerts based on the type of load they want. They can also use this method to determine the origin, destination, rates, dates, and weight of the load. 

You will be notified by the firm after receiving a matching load. While delivering items, you can use this technology to find the next load. It is worthwhile to note that this technology works directly with the load board.

Landstar Load Board

As you know, more than 1,000 independent agencies work with Landstar services throughout North America. However, once an agency gets a truck request, they immediately post it on the Load Board. Once this is done, all Landstar owner-operators will be able to view it.

Now an operator can access the load board and carry out searches. These searches can be done by location, equipment, destination, rate, weight, dates, and other factors. Also, this will show you the available loads in your search area and locations.

Requirements Needed to Apply for Landstar Owner Operator Jobs

An applicant must meet the requirements of Land Star before applying for a job with the firm. In this section of the article, we will be outlining some of the requirements for applying for a Landstar Owner Operator job;

  • An applicant must be 23 years of age or older.
  • You will need a Class A CDL with HazMat or Combination X Endorsement.
  • One (1) year of verified over-the-road driving experience in the previous three (3) years
  • OR three (3) years of verified experience in the last ten (10) years.
  • Note: Six of those years must have been completed within the last 48 months, and you must have a Class “A” CDL and be able to operate equipment similar to that at Landstar during those six months.
  • Proficiency in English Language.
  • An applicant must not have been convicted in the last seven years and must not have had a DWI in the last five years.
  • In the last 12 months, there have been zero fault DOT recordable accidents.
  • Must pass the compulsory drug test.
  • You need a clean driving record.
  • A completed application form is required.

How to Apply for a Landstar Owner Operator Job With Visa Sponsorship Online

Applying for an owner-operator job on Land Star is easy because you can start your application online. However, you will need your personal information, including your name, date of birth, email address, and mobile number.

You will also need to meet the requirements of the firm before you can apply. Below are the step-by-step guidelines to apply for a Land Star Operator Job Online.

  • Visit the official website of Landstar online.
  • Or click on this link:
  • Your first and last names should be entered on the application page.
  • Then, enter your active email address, primary and secondary mobile numbers.
  • Input your date of birth, street address, city, zip code, and current role.
  • Lastly, carefully answer the rest of the questions and tap on Submit.

After completing your online application, follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the application. Note that you will be asked to send your CDL and medical card after your qualification center receives your online application.

Other Top Companies Hiring Owner-Operators

Aside from Landstar, there are several other top companies that offer foreigners owner-operator jobs with high pay and other perks. These top companies include

  • Swift Transportation
  • Chick Fil-A
  • Self Opportunity
  • XPO Logistics
  • com
  • B Hunt Transport
  • Western Express
  • Schneider
  • Covenant Transport
  • TMC Transportation
  • Prime Inc
  • Maverick Transportation
  • USA Truck
  • Mercer Transportation
  • XPO Logistics

There you have it. The above companies are the top companies currently hiring owner-operator workers. You can visit any of the above official websites and check for a job vacancy that fits your schedule and qualifications.

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