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With the censorship of Twitter in some countries of the world, it is pure fact that the citizens of those countries will not be happy with the decision. In 2019, Twitter was banned in China, Iran, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. And in 2021, the Nigerian government block Twitter after it deleted a controversial tweet made by the country’s president. If you reside in any of the countries where access to Twitter is blocked. Panic no more as we’ve got you the perfect solution to fill the vacuum following the Twitter ban. Koo is an Indian microblogging platform that allows users to express their thoughts and feelings in a language known as Kooing. With Koo, you can connect with friends, make new friends, and keep them close to your heart.

Koo - Share Your Thoughts and Feelings | Koo App

The introduction of Koo has erased the memories of the American microblogging platform as you will enjoy friendship better on Koo. Koo is used by millions of people across the globe. People share and express their thoughts and feelings on this platform and you can share yours as well. Koo has almost all the features you will find on Twitter, you can search for other users, and top profiles. Besides, you can use the trending hashtags on your posts and make your post go viral.

Why Koo?

There are several reasons why you should make Koo App your number one chatting app. When it comes to expressing yourself, language should not be a limitation. That is why Koo App is now available in different languages. Presently, it is available in English and other eight Indian languages which include Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Kannada, Bangla, Gujarati, and Assamese. Presently, these are available languages as other languages are yet to be released. You can do the following on Koo;

  • Share your opinions and thoughts.
  • Follow top profiles like politicians, actors, activists, Journalists, and many other people.
  • Enjoy the freedom of 400+ character limit only on Koo.
  • A Talk to Type feature that allows you talk speak on your phone without typing. Use the Talk to Type feature and give your fingers a resting time. Meanwhile, only Indian residents are allowed to use this feature.
  • View feed in your own language by seeing what people your follow said.

There are more to what you will enjoy apart from what is listed above. You can share your thoughts in audio, voice, and text. Share thoughts on Koo and discuss your opinion on any topic.

Koo App

To take your Kooing experience to the next level, you need to download the Koo app on your mobile device. The Koo App is however only compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can download it from Google Play and App Store respectively. So, if you are yet to download the app, you should download it now and ask your families and friends to you.

Koo App Sign Up

To create your own posts on Koo and start expressing yourself, you need to sign up for an account. Although Koo allows you to view feeds, explore, and search for people without signing up. You need to create an account today to start a meaningful conversation. In the meantime, you can sign up for Koo in two ways. You can sign up using your mobile number or email address. Whichever one you want to use; we’ll provide you with guidelines to follow below;

  • Get your device connected to the internet and visit the Koo App official website.
  • Tap on ‘’Go to Feed’’
  • Try creating a post by clicking the Plus icon on the homepage.
  • Write something on the post field and tap Post.
  • The sign-up page will pop-up at the center of your screen.
  • If you want to sign up with your mobile number, select your country dialing code.
  • Now enter your mobile number in the other filed.
  • If prompted, verify your humanity and click on ‘’Send OTP’’.
  • And if you prefer you use your email address, tap ‘’
  • Enter the OTP and click on Proceed.
  • Choose and name for yourself and confirm it.

Now can explore everything on Koo App. Not only can you post, but you can also follow people, make friends, chat with profiles, and use trending hashtags for your posts.

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