Kindle Cloud Reader – Read Kindle Books With Kindle Cloud Reader

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Kindle Cloud Reader is a platform that lets you read books online for free. It is web-based i.e. it can be accessed from any web browser you want by visiting The Kindle Cloud Reader was launched in 2011 as an alternative to the Kindle eBook app. This platform gives you opportunities to read on you your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet anywhere and anytime you want. To read on this platform you need to create an Amazon account and if you have an account already, it automatically connects you to it.

Kindle Cloud Reader -  Read Kindle Books With Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a very strong app with many functions. You are able to read books you purchased in the Kindle Store. Short stories and other books you downloaded out of curiosity can be read without reading charges. Unfortunately, you cannot read personal documents on this platform; it only allows you to read books you purchased from the Kindle Store. Books you purchased from other books stores won’t display in your cloud reader library. 

How to Use Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon has made the Kindle cloud reader easy to use. In this section of this article, I will be based on how to use the Kindle platform. Some steps to guide you are stated below;

  • Create an Amazon account; if you already have one, go straight to the next step.
  • Access the kindle cloud reader through If you’ve previously purchased kindle book, once you sign in, they will all be displayed in your cloud tab.
  • Read on the kindle cloud reader: To start reading one of your books, click on the search button and search for the title in your library. You will be taken to where you last left off in the book.
  • Add kindle books to the kindle cloud reader: After you purchase a book from Amazon, you can decide to deliver it to your kindle cloud reader. At the right under of your screen, tap on “Buy now with one click”. If you haven’t purchased any books yet, Amazon will provide a link to the kindle store on the right of the kindle cloud reader.
  • How to delete books on kindle cloud reader: you can’t delete a book from your kindle cloud reader without deleting it from your entire account because your kindle cloud reader is a part of your Amazon ecosystem. If you remove a book, it is gone forever.

You can also read books offline by clicking on download, then clicking on the “Enable Offline” button. When you tap on a book, you will be given an option, click on download & pin book, then let it download. Now you can read books offline.

Benefits of Amazon Cloud Reader

There are other benefits to using this app. Here are some order benefits of using Amazon Cloud Reader;

  • It gives the feeling of reading an actual book
  • Saves space in your home; you don’t need to buy a hard copy book.
  • It lessees the consumption of paper by making digital books than physical ones
  • Saves money; e-books are cheaper than hard copy books.
  • Offline mode is provided for reading when you are in low internet connection areas or when traveling.

Excitingly, we have learned about how to use our Kindle Cloud Reader. Now we can spend our alone time reading on this app. one last interesting fact about it is that you can share a moment with families and friends on the Kindle Cloud Reader app.

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