Jobs in Malta With Visa Sponsorship

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Presently, many organizations and companies in Malta are offering foreigners jobs with visa sponsorship. You can apply for different job titles and positions in the country based on your qualifications and experience.

Job opportunities abound in Malta in industries such as communication, IT, business, truck driving, and many more. Reports show that in March 2022 there was a record of 655.00 openings in Malta. In the healthcare sector, about 400,000 new workers are needed, including 14268 truck drivers and 118 IT workers.

According to research, the short supply of workers in Malta is due to several factors. Some of them include the COVID-19 Pandemic, the retirement of workers, and changes in careers. However, the Federal Government of Malta has decided to recruit foreign workers globally. This is to fill out the available vacancies in the country.

That is why there are more than a thousand jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship. Getting a Visa Sponsorship to Work in Malta means your travel expenses will be covered by your employer.

Aside from enjoying a visa sponsorship benefit, you can qualify for benefits such as health, vision, medical coverage, and more. You will find skilled and unskilled jobs in Malta with a free visa. However, you must have the required skills, and documents and meet the requirements to qualify for a position.

Jobs in Malta With Visa Sponsorship
Jobs in Malta With Visa Sponsorship

Jobs in High Demand in Malta with Visa Sponsorship and Salary

From the healthcare industry to the communication and technology sectors, you will find jobs in Malta with a free visa. You can get an attractive or competitive salary and other benefits when you apply for high-demand jobs. If you are not sure of the right job to apply for in Malta, check out the list below;

Filed Service Engineer  4,290
Pharmaceutical Laboratory Maintenance Technician  4,490
Client Engagement Associate1,830
Technical Accountant3,970
Business Development Executive7,110
Restaurant Worker2,270
Truck Drivers1,520
Shipping and Receiving Clerk2,630
Survey Field Technicians1,590
Warehouse Supervisor2,530
Customer Representative3,600
Product Support Engineer4,110
Registered Nurse3,295
Care Assistant1,629
Senior Care Worker  1,565
Technology Innovation Analyst7,430
ERP Support Consultant7,340
Delivery Driver2,020
Clinical Account Manager                                      5,220

Requirements to Apply for Jobs in Malta With VisaSponsorship

Just like every other country in Europe, Malta has its own requirements for foreign applicants who would like to migrate to the state. Applicants will have to meet the requirements before they are offered jobs as well as sponsorship. The general requirements needed to apply for jobs in Malta with a free visa include;

  • First of all, you need a properly filled out visa application form.
  • A minimum of one or two years of experience in the job you are applying for.
  • Also, you need a cover letter outlining the applicant’s trip to Malta’s objectives.
  • GED or a high school certification is required.
  • Documentation demonstrating that the applicant has comprehensive travel health insurance covering the entire stay in Malta.
  • A Malta-based company’s employment contract.
  • Documentation proving to be lodged for the applicant’s whole stay in Malta.
  • Lastly, proof of adequate financial resources to cover the applicant’s stay in full is required.

In addition to the above-listed requirements, you will be asked to provide other relevant documents during your Malta enrollment process. Make sure all your needed credentials and documents are prepared.

How to Apply for Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for a Job in Malta with Free Visa Sponsorship can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Meanwhile, you will need a lot of patience to go through the process step-by-step. To start your Malta application process, visit any legit job website online. Then, search for available jobs in Malta with sponsorship. Once you have found the right job, read through the job description, role, salary, and benefits.

Click on the Apply button on the homepage and enter your correct information. These include your name, age, educational qualifications, and more. Then, upload your CV or resume on the website. Make sure your CV or resume meets Malta’s employment standards.

Visit any Maltese embassy or consulate in your country to complete your application. Make sure to go along with your supporting documents for your application to be processed and accepted. Ultimately, once your applications have been approved, you can travel to Malta and start working.

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