Japanese New Year – When is Japanese New Year 2022 | Shōgatsu

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Japanese New Year is an Important Holiday in Japan that helps to bring families, friends, and relatives together. In Japan, New Year is called Shogatsu or Osgogatsu. The Public Holiday is usually observed among the Japanese from January 1st to 3rd. Although most times, the Japanese New Year Celebration lasts for the entire week. The celebration marks the end of the old Year and the beginning of a new calendar year in Japan. On the day of the Shogatsu, different activities take place to and Japanese in other parts of the world travel down-home to celebrate with their family, friends, relatives, and a lot more. If you are interested in learning more about the Shogatsu or Osgogatu, you can read through this write Up to the end for a depth insight.

Japanese New Year - When is Japanese New Year 2022 | Shōgatsu

Brief History of the Japanese New Year

According to research, the Japanese New Year which is an annual festival in Japan was first celebrated in 1873 in accordance with the Gregorian calendar which falls on January 1 of each year. However, during the Meiji period, its New Year celebration was based on the Japanese Version of the Lunisolar Calendar. Before the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1873 and ever since then the first day of January became the official, traditional and cultural New Years Day in Japan.

When is the Japanese New Year for 2022?

The Japanese New Year as mentioned is normally celebrated on the first of January in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. In other words, the Japanese New Year for 2022 will hold on January 1st. In accordance with the tradition and custom of the Japanese, different events and activities will take place. Business owners shut down their businesses to celebrate the season and people from other parts of the world visit Japan to take part in the celebration.

Japanese New Year Tradition and Custom

As stated above, several events and activities take place on the Japanese New Year. And is one important Holiday Celebration. A Day before the New Year, temple bells ring about 108 times; 100 times to usher in the new year and 8 times to ring out the old year. Before the official commencement of the Holiday, the Japanese will clean their home and decorate it in readiness for the New Year. They decorate their homes with pine boughs, straw, bamboo which according to them signifies longevity. 

Traditionally, People wake up very early on New Year Day to see the first sunrise of the year. Also, they visit the temple or shrine to pray and ask that the year comes with prosperity and good health. It also serves as an opportunity for the younger ones to get gifts from elders. They get to receive money tokens and New Year cards are read.

Traditional Food on Shogatsu

Traditional Food plays an important role in the Japanese New Year Festival. Different dishes are made available during the festival. These dishes include, Buckwheat Noodles also known as year crossing noodles are eaten at the beginning of the holiday. Also, Cakes of pounded rice are served with a stew called Zōni. Osecho Ryori which is known as Special Dishes is eaten on the first three days of the New Year.  According to the Japanese, each dish represents good wishes for the coming year and they are served in a Lacquered Box.  Non–Japanese take sashimi and sushi on the day of the festival. And lastly, to make the overworked stomach rest, seven herb rice soups are prepared on the seventh day and is known as Jinjitsu.

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