Is Slack Down – Slack Outage

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Is Slack down right now? This is a very good question to ask. Slack went down for many users on the 23rd of February Tuesday morning, throwing off on the companies that rely on it for communication. According to the Slack page, Users encounter issues on the login page, messaging, posts and files, in connections, and notification. It has become the main topic on Twitter and why it is not working.

Is Slack Down - Slack Outage

As of 4 pm, the Slack app and website still were still down, and there was no report about fixing it.  And also, there was no clear cause of the outage. The Slack outage is just like when the three most popular social media went off; Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. 

It caused a lot of people to stop working and confused. And it took up to 8 hours for the social media platform to come up. However, why is Slack down? To get the answer to this question, just follow this article to the end. That is because I will enlighten you about the Slack outage.

Why is Slack Down?

Although there is no clear reason why Slack is down yet, it was suspected to be due to the automated activity. That triggered a sudden behavior in the internal network. However, it is said that the team is still working on it and all the features will be back up in no time that same day.

Is Slack Back?

Yes, Slack is back but currently it is still not loading for some users. After 5 hours of the outage, the Slack company posted on its status page that it has fixed the problems with outage. Users might need to restart or refresh the app in order to make use of it.

So, if you have had problems with using Slack features, you can wait for a while or just refresh the app OR report it to the Slack team. However, if your Slack app is now back, you can now start using it for communication with no interruption.

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